Welcome to realiTEE.

I’m Tanya Jayne (Tee for short 😊) & this blog has been quite a few variations, sort of a brain dump of the various experiments I’ve put myself through in the name of glowing up. It started for the sole purpose of sharing my revelations from clean beauty skin tips // tricks, ethical fashion inspirations, holistic wellness hacks and much more!

As someone who is trying to live a life true to her personal values I now balance living in a capitalist world with a desire to reduce all waste from my wardrobe to our kitchen bin. As a previously self confessed shopaholic & health freak who would cook up all sort of things & bin if they didn’t turn out right everyday now I have to make a conscious effort to unsubscribe to fast fashion emails, prioritising my financial wellbeing (being a shopaholic is not cheap!) & always looking at the bigger picture.

This blog is going to be my diary going forward, my tips & tricks on how to shop second hand, maintain & look after clothes that bring you joy and how I’m cutting back on beauty products without cutting back on my skincare.

My No. 1 goal is to stay motivated to remain healthy & happy in every aspect of my life & I hope you at least one of these blog posts helps you to.

Please share your thoughts, tips knowledge and anything else!

-Tee x