Welcome to realiTEE.

I’m Tanya Jayne (Tee for short 😊) & this blog has been started for the sole purpose of sharing my revelations! Including clean beauty skin tips // tricks, ethical fashion inspirations, holistic wellness hacks and much more!

This is going to be a way for me to confess all of my not-so-secret secrets to a ethically chic lifestyle!

My daily mission is to show the world a chic & luxe life dosen’t need to come at the cost of the plant or your wallet and that voting with your money has never been more important. Through my journey so far I’ve learned it’s about the small shifts made consistently that add up to sustained change. So, let’s find more ease and ditch the all-or-nothing mindset, shall we?

Whether you’re here to understand clean beauty and how to make the switch or integrating more eco-friendly swaps for your wardrobe it’s a continual journey for all of us and I’m just sharing mine. Through this platform, I hope to inspire you to create your own version of an intentional lifestyle – one that motivates you to slow down, cut-the-clutter, and tune into your own channel and to give back in ways you never considered from fair wages to ethically sourced products your small changes have a MASSIVE impact on society.

I want it on the record I’m not perfect and I’ll never pretend to be I’m going to make mistakes and so are you. I’ll share those mistakes, I’ll ask for help when I need it and I hope this platform helps answer some of your questions.

If you can embrace a few easy ethically changes in your life whether they are in your beauty routine, your wardrobe or home or even through your own wellness together we can create a ripple effect that inspires others to do the same.

A little bit about me, I’ve always been obsessed with what’s up & coming, and I’ll admit I was previously a shopaholic. Serial fast fashion addict & a part of that throw away culture, believe when I say, I have gone through a revolution in my years! I am currently inspired by a more effortless and classic style, and wish to provide inspiration on how you can make small ethically changes to your lifestyle.

Please share your thoughts, tips knowledge and anything else!

-Tee x