Elevate your bath routine

Hi again, I have a short selfcare post for you today inspired by one of my favourite selfcare actives at the lowest possible price. Baths have been seen as selfcare for decades. If you are making time for a bath it’s quite likely you are committing to shutting out the world & really enjoying your alone time. I remember as a child we didn’t have a shower so there were two types of bath time, quick hop in get clean & get out! Then there were the times my mom would let me into the little cupboard under the bathroom sink that basically looked like a tiny shop with the amount of bath salts, bath milks all in an array of different scents & I knew I would be in there until the water was cold & I looked like a prune.

Things tend to feel so monotonous these days, but I realized it helps everyone to have something to look forward to – even if it’s something as simple as your self-care routine. I have been carving out extra time in my self-care routine to enhance & indulge in my bath ritual, just like I used to. There is just something so relaxing & calming about drawing a bath; it’s almost as meditative as actually soaking in it. You guys know I am dedicated to taking care of the skin on my face, but I sometimes I do neglect the skin on my body. Now baths are an integral part of my self-care routine (especially post run).

Here are a few benefits of warm (warm not hot! I used to have hot baths then learnt it was contributing to my eczema) baths:

-Helps create a time-slowing ritual

-Helps you sleep better (again a warm bath will do this a hot bath will rise your body temperature too much & you wont be able to sleep).

-It’s an anti-inflammatory

-Soothes sore muscles & joints- get on those bath salts!

-Relieves cold symptoms & makes breathing easier especially if you add a couple of drops of eucalyptus essential oils

When it comes to my bath routine, I like to create a spa vibe in my bathroom, give myself a spa-worthy at-home facial & unwind with a good book (or binge watch The Bold Type) & a cup of tea (chamomile or peppermint are my favourites).

Here are 3 ways you can elevate your bath ritual!

Use a bath tray

A bath tray will definitely help create that spa-like vibe. You can set the mood with candles, read, enjoy a cup of tea without reaching over your bath tub over & over. Why not add in a few snacks (nothing that melts) & set up for your skincare routine or DIY facial – all on the bath tray!

Self care supplies


Adding essential oils to your bath ritual makes it feel more like a real spa-worthy experience. When it comes to unwinding, I love using lavender, cedarwood, bergamot, chamomile, & jasmine. Use an essential oil diffuser or mix it into your bath!

If you’re adding it to your bath, remember oil & water DO NOT mix! So small drops of undiluted oil can adhere to your skin, which can irritate & burn. Always combine essential oils with a carrier oil first, like coconut, olive, sunflower or jojoba. 

Dress cozy 

Baths help your mind & body unwind, promoting the production and release of melatonin. Nightly baths can actually improve sleep quality. So after a while, your body will start to equate bath time to bedtime. Post-bath, I like to wrap up in a fluffy robe. Always a robe if you’re going for a spa vibes.

How do you like to elevate your bath ritual? I’d love to hear & try some new things.

-love tee xo

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