Home workouts

4 weeks and counting… that’s for those of us in the UK that do not have home gyms and are eagerly awaiting the reopening of gyms (AGAIN)! It’s no secret that exercise has always been essential for a healthy lifestyle – but it’s become even more important in the last 12 months. Regular exercise can help reduce stress, boost immunity, improve sleep, increase energy levels and so much more. Between working from home, gym closures & social distancing rules, I’m sure the CVOID pandemic has disrupted & even discouraged a lot of workout routines. Including mine! As much as I’ve really enjoyed getting outside & running more this past year it can be hard to keep yourself motivated & consistent.

With gyms reopening in sight I wanted to share 5 pointers to help you stay on track for these last few weeks.

Schedule it

Just like anything important, it helps to schedule your workouts for specific days & times. I’ve previously enjoyed working out in the mornings, feeling like I’ve accomplished something early on in the day & giving me evenings to spend with my SO & wind down. Since the first lockdown this has changed for me quite a bit especially as I’m not traveling to & from the office & since I now go running with my SO. It’s important to acknowledge what works for you & schedule it in for a time you know you will commit to. If you’re not a morning person don’t schedule in a morning workout because it’s unrealistic for you. This will help you incorporate movement into your daily routine & stick to it.

Set goals

It’s always good to see & feel progress but acknowledge who you are, for me I know I have a history with over working myself & obsessing over my workouts & food. So now I like to make attainable, short-term goals to keep myself motivated with my at-home workouts. My March goal is to run 100k in a month, considering in Jan I ran about 50k and in Feb I ran about 68k this may seem like a high target but one I knew was achievable if I pushed myself enough. If you run 3 times a week you can always start by just adding in one more run or one extra yoga session.

Exercise daily

When I say exercise daily, I DON’T mean high-intensity workouts every day every week! Please rest. However, I do try to incorporate gentle movement into my daily routine, even if it’s a short walk around to get coffee. Getting in those extra steps on the days your body & mind need more rest but really listen to your body here, burnout is not cute. Small daily movements like taking the stairs make me feel more accomplished and keep me on track!

Try new things

Repeating the same workouts day in & day out can make you start to dread the thought of working out. So I like to try new workouts to keep things fun & exciting. IG & YouTube are great places to find new easy-to-follow at-home workouts. I recently discovered esmee_ldn a coach on IG that put together a 30 day challenge all of different workouts so you can see which ones you enjoy & which ones you’re just not here for. It’s a great & cost effective way to try new things from home. A change of scenery can also help put you in a different mindset. For example, if you usually work out in your living room, try taking it out to your garden or in the park.

Listen to your body

Sometimes, our bodies know when we need a break before we do. I always make sure to listen to my body & how I’m feeling when it comes to working out – & only do what feels good. If I promise my SO a long run but my body is heavy & tired I’ll just tell him I either need a rest day or a slow recovery run. Rest days are just as important as exercising. It allows your body to recover, prevents muscle fatigue, reduces any risk of injuries, improves your sleep & keeps your energy levels up. Rest days look different for everyone, so do whatever feels right for you!

How are you staying motivated with at-home workouts? I’d love to hear your tips.

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