How to calm the mind before bed

Hey hey hey, welcome back. Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite subjects- sleep. Sleep has numerous health benefits (it’s one of my little anti-ageing tricks!) – and it’s so important to get at LEAST 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Lack of sleep affects your mood, focus, productivity & hunger levels the next day – and your immune system in the long run & when have you ever heard anyone say ‘yea I feel great even though I’ve not sleeper!’. NO ONE feels good when tired! I consider getting enough sleep to be a vital part of my self-care routine, but turning my brain off after a long day of work is never as easy as I’d like it to be.

I like to start and end my day in certain ways – and my morning & nighttime routines are pretty similar. What helps me set the tone in the mornings also helps me wind down at the end of the day & quiets my mind & body.

Here are 3 ways to calm your mind before bed.

Limit screen time

I DO NOT get on my phone first thing in the morning because I prefer to wake up naturally & not boost my stress levels with blue light & the countless marketing emails that trickle through in the night. I know blue light is a huge thing right now & I think there’s a lot more evidence needed that said I do feel more sensitive to it at night. There are studies that show blue light stimulates your brain, suppresses the production of melatonin & alters your circadian rhythm- & after a full day on my laptop I do feel like my brain feels these effects more but I maybe linking the light with working either way a lot of people do find blue light makes it harder for you to get the right amount of sleep. I try not to be on my phone for at least a couple hours before bed – and I do this by putting my phone in another room. Now I know many people like to be on their phones, my S/O DOES NOT put his phone down & the light in the bedroom is my personal pet hate! Fortunately you can turn on Night Shift on iPhones which helps block the blue light & turn your screen’s brightness all the way down.


Yep- I’m that person now. Journaling has intrigued me for a while but I legit had no idea where to start until I discovered the five minute journal & it’s a game changer. I love that this journal talks you through why it’s set up the way it is & how best to use the journal to get something out of it. At night, I review my day by writing what was amazing & what could have made it better. I also bullet point my to-do list for the next day, sometimes I do this when I journal sometimes I’ll do it as I’m finishing up at work. Reflecting on my day & going through tomorrow’s to-do list helps declutter my mind & release any stress & worries before bed – & it’s so satisfying crossing off the bullets the next day!

The five minute journal


Reading before bed is proven to get your body ready for sleep – even if it’s only for a few minutes. It helps you relax and reduce your stress levels by slowing down your heart rate, easing any muscle tension & altering your state of mind. Reading doesn’t necessarily make you feel sleepy but it does distract your mind from the day’s events, which can make it easier for you to fall asleep. For me this takes my mind completely away from work & I find I don’t dream about work nearly half as much. I like to opt for print books versus e-readers at night to limit blue light exposure but I do sometimes read on my kindle app- in night mode of course!

Evening routine

Do you have any tricks to calm your mind before bed? I’d love to hear about your nighttime routine!

– love tee xo

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