How to help your fav fitness brands & trainers impacted by COVID-19

Support the fitness industry

It goes without saying that everyone & every business is struggling in some way due to the coronavirus pandemic. With some industries feeling the impact at unimaginable levels including my two fav industries, hospitality & fitness! When it comes to the businesses & people who are feeling it the most, we know it’s the small business owners & hourly workers who are taking the biggest hits. Businesses everywhere are forced to make hard decisions to lay off employees, & to brave the unknown of whether or not they will be able to come out from all of this on the other side or be forced to close for good. 

Over the last 12 months the wellness industry has skyrocketed as more & more of us are looking for an escape from the daily stress, anxiety, & uncertainty of what is happening. That is especially true for those of us that frequent fitness studios, gyms, & other wellness spots. I know I look forward to my daily workout whether that is a run or by streaming a yoga workout, since it’s the only place where for 1 hour I can turn on a workout, tune out the noise, & focus on feeling strong, positive, & out of my head. 

With the UK in it’s 3rd lockdown with no current end date many in the fitness & wellness community are doing all they can to share free fitness content & resources from sharing live IG workouts or Youtube videos to keep us fit & sane when most of us are confined to our homes or tiny apartments.  Although more people than ever are taking their health seriously with the fear of this virus hanging over everyones heads it would seem that the fitness industry is booming more than ever before. More people than ever have home gyms, more people than ever are connecting on running apps such as Strava & adults & children are coming together for PE classes with Joe Wicks. 

The saddest thing of all is that with all the free content out there it’s important to keep in mind that streaming free or paid content can only go so far when it comes to keeping businesses running & paying their bills. 

Personally I feel stuck between a rock & a hard place, as someone who works within the hospitality industry I’ve been furloughed for almost a year leaving finances very tight but the money I do have to spare I focussed on using to support those businesses that I hope will still be around when lockdown lifts.

The amazing thing is that so many fitness brands have opened up to free content to help all of us keep moving from home but so many of them are struggling to make ends meat which is made so much worse when once again we have no idea how long this will last.

Since I am so grateful for the amazing and inspiring fitness community (and I’m sure you are too), I feel for them and want to help find ways to support them right now. I know times are hard for many, but if you do have the means to help in another way, I think it could make a big difference. I’m worried (as many of you may be) that some of our favourite studios and trainers will not be there when this is over. I know things will get better, but there are some hard realities to face in the meantime.

If you are not personally struggling with losing work or financially – here are ways to help support the fitness community and trainers right now:


Buy classes now, use later

If you can I highly encourage you to instead purchase classes directly from studios. Pick one or two places you frequent the most & buy a class or a class pack now. Now is the time to support female owned, small business (many fitness studios are!). This brings money in now which is what the studios need — especially the small, individually owned brands. 

Added benefits of streaming is you can also now do classes from studios you may have read about online or not had time to go to directly from the comfort of your living room. 

Ever heard of Classpass? It’s a great way to gain access and try different studios in your local area in normal times, in this climate it’s still a great way to support a mixture of studios & try new classes out home even from studios that are not so local.


Buy streaming workout apps/subscriptions & tell your friends

Everyone is working out at home & sharing their fav classes/brands on IG. Join in & buy a subscription to your fav studio instead of only doing free YouTube workouts. 

The joys of Jan is there are still a fair few offer out there. Share your fav classes with friends and encourage them to join you. Even better, take class “virtually” together! 

My personal favs;

Deliciously Ella app; the fact that this app is 99p makes it an absolute steal!  From recipes to yoga classes to barre & an endless amount of vegan recipes on tap makes it the perfect January app.

Shreddy; I’ve only been using this HITT focussed app for a couple of weeks now but love how simple the app is to use, the layout, & although I don’t stick to the food plan it offers it has provided healthy inspo for snacks & lunch.

Shreddy app

After you take a free class online, IG, or another channel send a donation

Many instructors & brands are happy to give free content to help people out right now, & there’s no reason not to join in. If you can afford it, after you do a live free class, ask the instructor how you can send them a donation. It can be small, or even what you’d pay in the studio. Either way, it will help! Just like when you visit an art gallery.

Run to your fav coffee shop & support other local businesses.

This is one of my fav parts of the week, my S/O & I get up early put our running kits on & head out together. We put our headphones in & still do our own thing (I’m a podcast/ audiobook girl whereas he loves to have a rave on his runs) using hand gestures to signal where we’re going we run to any of our fav coffee shops. Although running is a free way to exercise you can still find ways to support local business, & for me that’s a coconut milk cappuccino to walk home with. 

I hope you found this post useful, all opinions where my own & nothing mentioned in this post was gifted.

If you run a independent studio tag me on Instagram & I’ll give you a shout out or tag me in your fav online classes & I’ll give them a try!

  • love tee xo

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