Wellness predictions

At the start of every year I like to research what’s up and coming for the year ahead. 2020 wasn’t what anyone could have possibly predicted and brought upon a ton of changes to the health & wellness space. Although some of the changes in 2020 excelled some of last years trends such as home workouts and these are here to stay that’s for sure. So with that said here’s what I think you’re going to be seeing more of in 2021:


Unfortunately 2020 became the year of the face masks (and not the type I hoped would become law & leave us all with glowy hydrated skin!)  I hate to say this but I don’t think these will be slowing down just yet. With the UK now in it’s 3rd lockdown studios are a long way from opening back up but when they do it won’t surprise me many will likely require masks until the pandemic is over. I expect to see the likes of Nike & Adidas using their dry fit technology material to produce workout masks. 


With people shying away from the close contact services such as facials & massages there is likely to be an up rise in the likes of infrared saunas, salt caves, etc. All of the spa vibes none of the close contact. 


Don’t get me wrong there will always be a need for makeup but we also know that when it comes to that team zoom call the lighting is doing more for you than your makeup but when we do finally venture back out to meet with friends & family masks are going to be your main accessory but when it comes to spending your hard earned cash on cosmetics I think there will more focus on areas outside of the mask, think less lip injections more brow lamination. 


2020 was a year of takeaways & food boxes– and while it’s still of important to continue supporting local restaurants, it’s likely people will be seeking more affordable, healthy options that aren’t always their own cooking. Companies such as the detox kitchen have amazing healthy meals delivered to your door. Although most of the companies I’ve been eyeing up are mostly based in London I’m excited to see companies expanding in the meal delivery space, and hope to see more companies outside of London, for now I’ll stick to my local cafes.


This is NOT slowing down anytime soon and I don’t think it ever will, even in a world where gyms & studios can reopen I think the two will coexist with live streaming from classes for those who either can’t make it in or limited spaces.


Squeezing in a quick workout between Zoom meetings will definitely still be a thing.


With the rise of ‘sober curiosity’ and considering we’ve just entered into ‘dry jan’ I believe there will be a wider range of non-alcoholic offerings, particularly in the form of spirits which as gin. Think mood boosting drinks for socializing minus the hangover.


Maybe I’m putting this out there because 2020 was the year my S/O really took notice of all the lotions & potions I keep & got very inquisitive as to what they all do. It didn’t take him long to invest in his own collection. The likes of Cult beauty & Look Fantastic now have a page dedicated to men’s skincare & I believe men are slowly becoming the new focus in the category.


From notepads to phone cases there is nothing that you can’t get in vegan leather these days & there’s really no need to buy real leather. The amazing thing about vegan leather is most are produced from waste such as banana leaves meaning farmers get more money for their produce & less goes to waste.

What do you believe we’ll see more of in 2021 in the fitness & wellness space, leave a comment below

– love tee xo

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