Intentional beauTEE

Boy oh boy has it been a while since I sat a write a whole post. So let me give you a brief explanation as to why before we dive into why we are really here INTENTIONAL BEAUTY.

Intentional beauty

2020 was probably as far from what anyone expected & as the year went by personally I struggled to write with a cause, the thought of writing about sustainable fitness & beauty seemed laughable in the grand scheme of things. So I naturally took a brake, however here we are kick starting 2021 & I had the intention to get back into this slowly with some micro blogging on my Instagram but when i started typing this caption I ran out of characters so I knew I had to jump back on here the blog & talk to you guys again.

So the real reason I started writing tonight (and not just because I have zero interest in watching Liverpool play with my boyfriend). This time of year most people are setting their New Year Resolutions which as many of us know are scrapped by as early as the 12th Jan. Yep 12th Jan!!! The reason why… we’re setting resolutions with the best interests at heart but no actual intention. It’s the same vague resolutions for millions of people; get fit, better self care, lose weight. These examples are examples of the type of goals that fail because there’s no real intention behind these, these are the type of goals that people set because they feel like they should or just because.

First things first… if you don’t want to lose weight DON’T. If you are healthy & confident & comfortable in your body go you. I’m also not going to tell anyone to ‘take better care of themselves’ because this is subjective you may already be taking care of yourself in the best way you know how.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I’ve seen a large number of people talking about their 2021 hair goals on Instagram. This does not surprise me, after 2020 & the amount of time we’re all now spending at home little things like skin & hair seem to be at the top of people’s goals in 2021.

Consider this my PSA; just because the last five influencers you’ve scrolled past are using the same hair mask does NOT mean this is the hair mask for you, or even if you need a hair mask! I don’t know I’m no hair expert but I have fallen victim to the algorithms & influencers advertising. I legit spent £25 on hair conditioner last year that did absolutely NOTHING for my hair. NOTHING! Biggest waste of money ever! I hated it!

So please please please; if you have ‘hair goals’ in 2021 pick your products & routine for your hair type & what you’re trying to achieve NOT what someone who is being paid to promote the product.

With that said let me brake down what I’m doing at the moment to help me achieve my own hair goals.

You should know; I have shoulder length bleached blonde naturally straight thin hair. Back in 2019 I was living my best hair life, it was long thick & healthy, I was even asked at one point where I got my extensions from. This is what I’m aiming to get back to however during the first lockdown of 2020 the ends of my hair had so much breakage (I was booked in for a hair appointment the week the UK got locked down) so I was well overdue a trim by July at which point it was too late & I had to chop my hair to help it grow again and regain some thickness. If you are blonde you know this is no easy task!


Wet brush; the eco one of course. I’ve used a eco brush for years now i just like them, it’s that simple. They are designed for detangling hair & i don’t feel like this brush pulls on my hair like other brush’s, just glides through easily & damage free.

Silke London; Okay so this is very new in my routine as it was a Christmas gift from a friend. The idea of these very chic silk hair wraps is that it protects your hair from breakage in the night. All that towing & turning, or street of being tied up in a bobble it removes all of that. Which is ideal for me because I’ve unfortunately being trapped by my boyfriend lying on my hair one night i didn’t pin it up. My current opinion… I don’t feel like I wake up with amazing ready to go hair like some of the reviews I read claim but it’s comfy & preventative which is everything I need consideringI have no idea when I’ll next get these dead ends dealt with.

Castor oil; This I’ve been using for a couple of months, it’s dirt cheap & will last aaaggggeeesss. It is honestly the consistency of glue! Here’s what you need to know; I don’t believe it will make your hair magically grow longer as some people do however from my research I learnt that it does in fact help breakage (can you tell my 2021 theme is prevention). Also a lot of people say it’s difficult to get all the residue out of your hair so here’s the brake down on how I’ve been using it (and what is working for me). I coat the lengths of my hair in argon oil twice to start with, this is hydrating & much lighter than the castor oil then one coat of castor oil. ONLY ON THE LENGTHS I have thin straight hair that gets greasy & easily weighed down – if you have thick or Afro hair then maybe experiment with different ratios- just do you here.

Centred; this is what I use on my scalp, again castor oil is a main ingredient here as there is evidence to suggest it stimulates the hair follicle along with a cocktail of other plants to basically provide a facial for your scalp. Honestly I’m in love with the smell and giving myself a little head massage when I apply this. For years I’ve boasted about how I don’t wash my hair but I’m starting to think that the amount of dry shampoo I’m using as a substitute it seriously drying out my scalp & hindering my hair growth.

Microfibre hair wrap; 2021 is the year of hair wrap TRUST ME. If I’m not wrapping my hair in silk I’m wrapping my drenched delicate strands in my microfibre towel. Using your everyday towel to viciously ‘towel dry’ your hair is only causing friction which equals frizz & yep you guessed it… BREAKAGE!!!

So there you have it my intentional hair routine I’ve put in place based on my hair goals & hair type.

Nothing in this post was gifted & the opinions are that of my own.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post & if you’d like a post on intentional skincare routines.

– love tee xo

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