5 Easy at Home Wellness Goals You Can Start Today

With a new scary headline hitting us daily it’s not hard to understand why so many of us are stressing the F out right now, add onto that the lack of vitamin D, new levels of finance troubles & confusion around whether it’s safe to see friends & family it’s not surprising that although most of us know how important wellness is our wellness goals are failing! the number 1 thing on your mind is not always going to be keeping up with a diet or sticking to your trainer’s workout plan. But being kind to your body can help you feel your best (whatever “best” means right now), & is also one of the most important acts of self-care you can do.

Instead of daunting goals that seem impossible even with lockdown lifting, seriously a morning coffee run is still only 4000 steps for me & if I don’t go out again all day I’ll probably only do another 200 steps between the kitchen bathroom & living room. It is possible however to focus on small easy attainable goals that will not only feel manageable but will bring you major benefits. Drastic change doesn’t have to come from drastic goals. I recently read Atomic Habits & I’m now obsessed with the idea of habit building. This is where you take one current habit & tag a new habit on before or after it.

Here are 5 super simple, easy, & feel-good health goals you can start today that are manageable & you’ll probably find you can tag them on to current habits.

♡ Slow Mornings

OK, it’s (finally!) time to get in control of your morning! I appreciate that as someone who is currently on furlough that may seem easier said than done but I’ll be honest the first 8 weeks of lockdown I was staying in bed until 8/9 am which is a drastic jump from my old style 6:30. I used to jump out of bed put my gym kit on & get in the gym then quick check of my work emails before jumping in the shower & I was already in work mode before I’d even showered! This has got to stop, it just doesn’t set the right tone for the day, you’re basically telling your brain your day belongs to all these people you need to reply to. Moving into lockdown I’d be checking my Instagram feed before even having a morning wee again giving my brain the wrong signals immediately! This harmless scroll to see what I’ve been missed while sleeping means I’m already going from 0 to 100 right away. Instead, ease into your day & spend the first 30 minutes of your day setting the tone for you. The past couple of weeks zoom yoga morning with my cousin have not only held me accountable to getting into a routine but it’s allowed me to build on that habit & start meditating.trust me you’ll not only feel much calmer throughout your entire day, but you’ll make better choices for your physical & mental health. Quick note here Headspace are offering a years free subscription to anyway who is currently furloughed or has lost their job to help them through these challenging times. I’d check it out quickly before the offer ends

Slow yoga mornings

♡ Drink more water

“Hydrate more” May be the biggest cliché of all time but that’s for a reason! This basic advice is  one of the biggest factors in improving your overall health. It also just so happens to be one of the most simple ways you can improve your health from the comfort of well EVERYWHERE. Try this for a easy habit building exercise everytime you go into the kitchen for food leave with a glass of water. They say that a lot of hungry is actually just thirst so if you leave the kitchen with a glass of water every time you may find your self eating a little less or at least cutting back on your portions. Bonus tip; I recently tried to donate blood but couldn’t due to iron levels. The nurse advised water with food as it helps your body absorb the nutrients.

♡ Move at least 20-30 minutes every day

You don’t NEED to do every Insta live workout going. However an online Pilates class is great on the days you have an hour to spare especially if you’re feeling low, struggling to motivate yourself or just working up a sweat sat on your sofa thanks to the latest heatwave. Most of us don’t have the time (or energy) for a 60-minute workout every day of the week TRUE STORY. If you try to challenge yourself to fit in an intense, long workout every day, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead, just commit to moving at least 20-30 minutes every day. If 30 minutes still sounds like a long time then maybe look at a class you’ve never done before but is inline with your energy levels for the day. That’s super important. If you’re feel lethargic then keep it toned down if you’re feeling like you can take on the world then by all means do that new boxercise class. Moving your body is what counts here & if you can combine it with getting outside even better. Why not go for a walk and take a side road you’ve never taken before go a different direction to usual go see where that cut through takes you & you may find you took more than 30 minutes & even enjoyed yourself (just don’t forget SPF).

10k steps

♡ Make one small change to your diet every day

Whether it’s drinking an extra glass of water, adding spinach to your omelet, or replacing your afternoon chips and salsa snack with carrots and guacamole, make one tiny change to your diet every day. Making one change a day will feel manageable & will help you not only get a good range of nutrients into your diet but also make things feel more exciting. I’ll be the first to say how bored I got with cooking 2 months into lockdown & that was really sad for me but thanks to a new cookbook (borrowed from a friend for inspo) & a Gousto box I’ve definitely fallen back in love with my kitchen. Another rule I stuck to when dishing up is I never serve without at least 2 types of veg on the plate. These are easy to mix up from meal to meal but super important. Remember that your herbs & spices are plants, they don’t count as 1 of your 5 a day but they do count to mixing things up & getting a larger range of nutrients. Or why not look at veggie meals & if you REALLY want meat you can just add it in. I quite often do this for my carnivore S/O

Start small today and see how your lifestyle changes over time.

Veggie chickpea fritters

♡ Sleep 7-9 hours sleep

Even if your diet fails and you get too lazy to exercise, prioritise sleep over everything (all the best benefits with the least effort). Getting enough sleep can does affect your overall quality of life. However there is a catch, I do t mean7-9 hours of little naps I mean one long good nights sleep that allows your body to completely reset & restore itself. Since getting a fit bit I’ve learnt that waking up through the night is completely normal & a lot of the time it’s for a fleeting moment & you’re asleep again. For me this usually takes up about an hour of my night so if I want to get 8 hours rest I’m probably going to be in bed for at least 9 hours. Quality of sleep is key to feeling your best so try & set a regular bedtime even in uncertain times & try & get away from your electrical devices an hour before you go to bed. Personally I find a book before reading ideal, but keeping it real I’ve recently being watching an episode of ‘Your dead to me’ so no judgment but do try.

Power of sleep

I hope these little wellness hacks were helpful, let me know your favourite wellness tricks below.

– love tee xo

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