5 Tips That’ll Help Brighten Your Darkest Days

So lockdown is beginning to lift but we’re far from over the worst, I wanted to share with you my realiTEE this week & the internal battle I’ve been having.

On Monday of this week, I woke up in a bad mood. I woke up, cancelled my morning yoga, looked at my phone got annoyed that I still hadn’t received an overdue refund & just felt bleh. Maybe the stress of the current state of the world was getting to me (thanks a lot, headlines!), or maybe loosing my daily routine is seriously messing with my head but whatever the cause I definitely let it win as my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day turned slowly into a bad week. It was clear I was in a funk. the kind of funk that feels like burnout, boredom, anxiousness, self-consciousness, purposelessness, disconnection, and sadness scrunched into a ball & dumped on your chest.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years focused on positivity & letting go. So when this all started I tried to remind myself that I’m in charge of my own thoughts let’s keep them positive, but it turned into the kind of week where everything feels against you, little things like dropping my phone & yes cracking the screen (thank god for screen protectors) picking up my iPad and the keyboard flying across the park or even starting a zoom yoga call & not sharing my screen…

You May currently be wondering why I am reading such a negative post this woman has issues, but I’m writing this because I beat the funk. And I wanted to share with you how.  

Happiness is not a circumstance or a reaction to the environment; it’s a skill. & to choose happiness is not always easy, I’ve had a lot of moments this week where letting fear & negativity overcome me would have been the easiest option.

If it’s not your day, your week, your month or even your year (yes I’ve rewatched friends AGAIN!) you can decide to stay in that state of mind or turn it around,

So I’m sharing with you  how I got out of my funk, & how you can too. (Note: long-lasting negative moods might be more serious. Please talk to your medical doctor if negative emotions persist or are affecting your appetite, sleep, or relationships).

♡ Try some yoga &/ or breath work

See how I said I cancelled yoga Monday morning WORST DECISION EVER. Anything that takes you out of your head & back into your body can help with feeling out of control. It’s no secret exercise is so good for a mood boost! movement that also focuses on breathing helps center you. Try practicing yoga when you’re feeling stressed, and focus on taking deep breaths with each movement (think “inhale” and “exhale” to stay focused). Here’s what I’ve learnt, if you control your breathing you control your body. Breathing quicker & out of control triggers your body to follow, think about a panic attack. If you take slow intentional deep breaths you’re telling your body everything is okay, we’re in control. A great breathing exercise is Wim Hoff the ice man, it’s insane try it! Basically focus your energy on something that’s not negative & we all need to keep breathing.

Yoga & breath work

♡ Create your own “de-funk” playlist

Sometimes all it takes to get out of a bad funk is a good funky playlist. For me, it’s either some chilled boss’s nova or jazz if I want it on in the background or if I’m going out running or for a walk you know just moving my body it’ll be a musically playlist. As a massive fan of the west end & cant wait to see a performance on stage again any Spotify playlist that is filled with the best musical songs from Rent to Wicked I’ll happily give a listen. The goal of a de-funking playlist is to combine all of the songs that remind you of happy memories & make you want to dance, or in my case break out in song just like on stage!

♡ Make someone else’s day

The advice that giving to other people helps you is cliché because it’s true. This can be anyone & anything. Send your grandma a care package, thank the healthcare workers that you know, send your work wife a compliment, have a sort out & donate toiletries to a local women’s shelter. After learning about this in Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss I decided to give it a go, I got myself an iced coffee & just sat for 20 minutes sipping & wishing every person that walked past me happiness. That’s all I did. I didn’t know a single name or even speak to them I just wished each & everyone of them happiness it didn’t cost a thing. Thinking of both big & small ways you can make other people smile is perhaps the quickest way to make yourself smile, too.

♡ Not every day is perfect & that’s okay

realiTEE check- life isn’t perfect & that’s okay. The best quote I’ve heard this week goes like this ‘the goal is to have an optimal day but sometimes life gets in the way. If you have a suboptimal day that’s okay to.’ I love this because it keeps the word optimal which tricks the brain into still seeing the day as a success. So next time your day didn’t go to plan, you fell off the diet plan, you accidentally watched three seasons of Grey’s Anatomy instead of cleaning your day was NOT a right off, just suboptimal. You can always make up for it tomorrow.

I’d also like to say here that it’s OK to mourn, whether you’re  grieving your long awaited trip, wedding, or major event that’s been cancelled. My worst day this year was thanks to a throw back on snap chat that reviled two years to the date I’d been in Bali, one year to the date I’d been in Italy & on that date I SHOULD have been flying out to Barcelona for the Sonar festival. Know that negative feelings, while uncomfortable, are also human. Let yourself grieve, rest, and recover as much as you need, but give yourself a time limit & acknowledge you’re grief then pick yourself up & choose to be happy again.

♡ Focus on yourself

If you’re in a funk because you feel stuck in shitty circumstances, stop focusing on outside circumstances, and start focusing inward. Ive watched more tv this year than previous years (& normally I’m not much of a tv watcher) but what I’ve noticed while watching prison documentaries with my S/O is that a lot of people have the same mentality that ‘it’s not their fault’ Just take a second & remind yourself that you have the freedom to make & follow through on decisions regardless of outside circumstances. Maybe focusing on yourself  feels selfish when so much is going on, but if you focus on yourself, you’ll feel stronger, you’ll take back some control over your life which empowers you to help others Tune in to what you truly need. Do you need to rest and recover to feel better, or do you need to feel accomplished?  Make your happiness the number one priority, & make every decision based on the level of joy it will bring you. It’s like I told my dad when he was going through a really rough time, you can’t feed a community if you don’t water your own garden & let it grow.

Right what do you do to pick yourself up when your down. Leave me a comment so I can try it out next time.

– love tee xo

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