The 5 Best Sunscreens for you & the Planet

Sunscreen for conscious skincare junkies

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a post on sunscreen (& their impacts on the planet) when I will actually talk to anyone about why you should wear it all year round. Honestly my friends family & boyfriend are so bored of me talking about it I’m turning to you!

I’m going to presume that if you have the slightest interest in skincare you know how important SPF is. If you are more of a minimalist in the skincare department then this is one step you should never skip on!

Brief overview of why SPF is needed all year round (& yes UK population I’m talking to you! That big ball of fire in the sky that’s providing us with a heatwave… it’s the same one you find in Spain)

All SPF will have a UVA & UVB filter. Put simply from all the research I’ve done UVB are the burning rays that are currently present & turn you into a lobster & UVA are the ageing rays that are present all year round when the sun is up & can penetrate through glass, so you’re not even safe through lockdown.

Reasons you should wear SPF daily

  1. Lobsters are not in & your sore burn marks do not make you a war hero
  2. It’s preventing your skin from ageing & we’re ALL about the prevention. Slow beauty all the way!

I’ve done a fair bit of reading through lockdown & I’ve fallen in love with beauty culture around the world & I’m going to call it out… UK & the USA are the worst for wearing SPF

Koreans’ the French, Japanese all these women (& men) take their skin very seriously & apply spf daily.

Okay now for which SPF…

I know there are a lot of concerns around SPF and the damage to the environment so enter mineral sunscreen. These are the sunscreens that use zinc oxide & titanium dioxide to filter out the sun’s UV rays and used to resemble white war paint when you put them on.

Thanks to this not so desired effect most people have an excuse as to why it’s not in their daily routine from greasy textures, breakouts, blocking potential vit D intake & of course… the damage to the environment!

Fortunately for you there are a lot more conscious SPF’s on the market now allowing you to not only vote with your money but keep yourself looking glow & young!


I’m a massive Drunk Elephant fan! Without a doubt, their whole premise of not filling their skincare with fillers or what’s know as the Suspicious 6’ – drying alcohols, silicones, SLS, chemical screens, essential oils or fragrances/dyes – so you can ‘reset’ your complexion and help your skin glow like never before. The tinted option is great as it avoids any white chalky effect & allows you to forgo makeup letting your skin breath. HOWEVER as someone with very sensitive & dry skin this was not ideal. It did sit on my skin and when I tried to rub it in it just flaked off leaving my face looking patchy. However I have spoken to others that have used it & said it was perfect for more oily to combination skin. I gave mine to my cousin to see if it worked better for her. ALWAYS RECYCLE

Drunk Elephant Daily Defence


REN CLEAN SKINCARE is everything I love about clean beauty! Renowned for finding new ways to apply the latest discoveries in skincare in a clean & safe manner to both it’s consumers & the planet this SPF not only protects against UVA, UVB but also blue light. (I’m not 100% on whether blue light is bad for our skin I’m still researching this but it is bad for your sleep!) , It’s also a super kind on the planet with the highest level of recycled packaging possible while still protecting the formula (50% recycled packaging in the tube and 100% recycled plastic in the cap – plus it’s one-type plastic so it can recycled all over again)! It’s also vegan, cruelty and silicone-free, and is non-toxic to marine life as it’s also oxybenzone-free too. The sunny yellow packaging makes you feel like you’re slathering on sunscreen for a day by the pool instead of your morning zoom call. Although REN CLEAN SKINCARE make products for all skin types even us sensitive ones I did find this to still be a little like war paint & therefore would leave it about 10 minutes before being seen by more than just your house mate.



A firm favourite for us conscious skincare junkies. Green People’s SPF, as with all their products, is a sensitive skin must-have. I can’t stress enough just how important it is to avoid fragrance & scents if you have have sensitive skin or even if you have acne-prone. Green People’s SPF walks the walk & talks the talk when it comes to looking after your skin & the environment with a full range from anti-aging to mum & baby. They sustainably grow all plant ingredients pay a fair wage, don’t add any chemicals to their plants therefore protecting the soil & are vegan. I used Green People full body sunscreen while in Vietnam & loved it, it was like a moisture for my skin keeping it hydrated & protected. Because it’s organic it’s not bright white so if you are using it on your body just know your clothes may get a yellow tint but it washes out.

GreenPeople SPF 30


The SPF of Instagram but this is not just another pretty face. SUPERGOOP only do sunscreen & they do it damn well! I believe they have a full range of products including a spray on so you can reapply throughout the day without redoing your makeup but currently the only one you can get in the UK is the UNSEEN SPF 30. Designed as an SPF primer this clear gel provides consistency , broad-spectrum protection that’s reef-friendly (without clogging pores!), these non-greasy shields are infused with a cocktail of targeted, skin care ingredients – from blue light-neutralising red algae to hydrating meadowfoam seed – and doubles as excellent primers for make up. Your face has never been so safe or glowy!



 This isn’t one I’ve tried personally (& I don’t really recommend going as low as SPF 15) but I have heard good things about this & a lot of people love The Ordinary & their cut the shit branding. Combining ultra-refined zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (no nanoparticles) with a bio-active antioxidant network, & hydration complex this formula offers innovative SPF protection and free radical-fighting, nourishing support.

So I hoped you liked this post & found it helpful, all brands mentioned are cruelty free & all opinions my own. Products are all products I’ve tried out myself none were gifted & I felt were genuinely worth telling you about.

Leave a comment below & tell me what you think.

– tee xo


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