Plastic Free Beauty & THE Brands you need to know about

Hey & welcome back (or to) my blog. Today is a pretty big day & I want to share with you why. June 17 2020 doesn’t only mark the 4,567th day of lockdown – it’s also Plastic Free Beauty Day. This initiative which is clear as day & gruels needed within the industry kicked off in 2019 (a much simpler time) & started as an effort to spread awareness of the amount of plastic used & sent to landfill within the beauty industry. The second goal for this initiative was to champion the beauty brands who ARE making strides to reduce theirs, so on its official first birthday I wanted to help not only raise awareness of this kickass cause but also share with you some of my favourite beauty brands that are doing their bit & some that are on my radar for my next haul.

NOT SO FUN FACT; The global beauty industry produces shocking 142 billion units of packaging every year. 

Plastic Free Beauty Day is the brainchild of Yolanda Cooper founder of We are paradox a clean conscious beauty brand. Yolanda Cooper lives and breaths this so the Plastic Free Beauty Day is something she is really passionate about. Seriously who can blame her! I’ve seen some AMAZING sites while being fortunate enough to travel but I’ve also seen heartbreaking sites of rubbish just building up and taking over, I’d hate to think that I was contributing to all of that when there are so many amazing & easy switches you can make & start today.

Actually start when you’ve used up what you’ve got, we all know sustainability starts with what you already have at home.

Back to this great cause…   What I love is that this isn’t just about putting the pressure on beauty companies to make the change it asks the consumers you & I  to reconsider how much plastic we use.

Beauty brands are asked to review where they can cut back  be it in their packaging or how they ship their products. It’s about encouraging both brands & consumers a like to play their part.

The initiative isn’t asking us to be perfect, no body is perfect Yolanda Cooper’s bio on insta even says she’s 90% plastic free but it’s about the effort & intention on a day-to-day basis & honestly that’s the direction I’m taking this blog. I’m never going to be perfect ESPECIALLY at the moment when hygiene is so important that a use once culture is quickly taking over again but it’s about acknowledging that okay I’ve brought this now I’ll use it but where can I improve or ask the manufacturers to improve next time.

This year We Are Paradoxx has teamed up with Kankan, Circla and Vanderohe, to support Plastic Free Beauty, & as a result these brands are giving all profits from their sales on Plastic Free Beauty Day to the charity.

What’s better is that these incredible brands are making our lives easier for us all to make the switch to plastic-free.

Okay now for some of my personal plastic free recommendations;

♡ Herbivore

It’s fuss-free, eco-friendly cleanser & works wonders for my sensitive skin. This cleansing bar is formulated with French pink clay which not only makes me feel boujee post workout. It also draws out impurities without drying the skin WINNER leaving your body soft and clarified. On a separate note you can use this for your face but I NEVER use the same products on my body AND face, that goes for how I dry my face as well you can read about why here. It’s packaging is recyclable card but still very chic, the whole brand is all-natural skin care that delivers tangible results.

Plastic free beauty

♡ AKT Deodorant Balm

London based premium skincare brands with environmental values is basically what I live for! This Deodorant Balm was born from crazy dance schedules & shows and now live in plastic free packaging suitable for modern living. The Deodorant Balm is packaged in aluminium tubes ideal for their durability, portability and recyclability. I seriously recommend this eucalyptus bitter orange you’ll actually WANT to sniff your pits!

AKT Deodorant Balm

♡ Summer Fridays

I promise you I don’t have a deal with Summer Fridays I legit just love this brand. All their masks (& now their new lip balm) are also packaged in plastic free tubing. The brand are based around vitamin enriched vegan clean products. The R+R mask is a personal favourite of my boyfriends infused with a dreamy cocktail of natural oils, including argan, safflower, avocado and grape seed.

Clean beauty

♡ Ren Clean Skincare

Okay TECHNICALLY not plastic free here BUT their packaging is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic so it sort of counts. Their whole ethos is around skincare that works for you & the planet. Made in the UK & cruelty free these are the sort of brands I champion no sponsorship needed. THIS is what I want to see from the beauty industry!

Recycled beauty

A peak at My Wishlist;

♡  One Ocean Beauty; Harnessing the power of the ocean to enhance the health of skin and optimise your overall wellbeing. This brand has a cutting edge line up that’s completely cruelty free & comes in 100% recyclable packaging. Personally I have my eye on the Purifying Ocean Mist Cleanser, it sounds dreamy & users Micellar water to cleanse away the day. It’s marine active technology also has firming, collagen-stimulating, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

♡  Up Circle; one of the biggest eco friendly brands out there & I’m slightly embarrassed to say it has yet to make it into my bathroom. I will however be opting for the Coffee & peppermint body scrum as soon as my current one is empty. It’s made from repurposed coffee grounds from London cafes if you know me you’ll know I love a good repurposed coffee scrub. Coffee should NEVER go to waste!  The packaging is 99 per cent plastic-free, with the tube created from aluminium (here again with aluminium tubes, it’s the future guys!) & with no plastic lining just sealed with a fold rather than glue.

♡  KanKan; if you’re not a fan of the bar of soap (personally I’m not on the sink or in the kitchen it can look messy) then KanKan NEEDS to be on your radar. Their whole brand is around refilling! You can buy a glass dispenser from them once (or where ever you fancy) just order your refillable can of soap and pour away. Honestly once we are done with the current soap we’re moving onto this. They also sell baby wash in chamomile & lavender which I’m really tempted by!

So there you have it, my favourite plastic free beauty buys & my wishlist.

No products where gifted here they’re just products I’ve brought myself & used & loved. My wishlist is basically the list I make myself when I do research ahead of needing something new or I come across & the brand just ticks all my boxes. I do try & run everything really low then buy everything I need at once but I know this doesn’t work for everyone.

Would love to hear what you thought of this post, was it useful to you? What are your favourite plastic free beauty brands?

-tee xo

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