Why you should use reusable face cloths!

Hey there, today I have a skincare tip for you that will change your life AND help reduce plastic. Win for your skin win for planet earth!

Face cloths

Whether it was David Attenborough or Greta Thunberg who initially turned you on to the how imperative it is to reduce plastic waste I’m happy to have you here. It’s clear we’re all taking on the responsibility now. Today I wanted to talk about one of the EASIEST at home switches you can do to help the environment and it’s going to help your wallet and skin at the same time.


Scrap your old single-use face wipes which have received a particularly bad rap in recent times, and rightly so. They’re especially detrimental to the environment, with some taking up to 100 years to break down. Your face wipe will out live you! How crazy is that! Thankfully though, there’s now a variety of organic washable face cloths on the market. There are also some biodegradable face wipes which I guess are a step up from the old style ones but really face cloths do NOT need to be single use!

Now, this is a good idea for so many reasons. So let’s get into the beauty benefits for YOU!


♡ easy to use & wash.

♡ won’t pull the skin down causing wrinkles

♡ come in different materials such as organic cotton or bamboo but also super soft.

♡ antibacterial & hypoallergenic.

♡ free from chemicals & dyes.

♡ super soft and comforting

In Korea, people are very specific about this. They all use super soft cloths on their face. & we all know Koreans know what they’re doing when it comes to skin care.

Sustainable beauty

I thought this hack was genius because washing your face is hopefully something you do every single night. That would have been 365 throw away face wipes a year AT LEAST! Let’s be honest after a night out how many wipes did you really use to get all that makeup off?

I’ve cut that 365 down to 6 face clothes. 6 that’s all! This seems works well for me to have some in my bathroom draw and some in the wash. Oh and on all 6 I spent a grand total of …. £5 okay I’ll admit I only paid for 3 but even so that would only be £10 and they last thats the whole point isn’t it.

Still not convinced… I use these cloths to pat my face dry after I’ve washed it (always pat your face dry NEVER rub it! You’ll pull your skin in all directions which is not good for the face- want to know more I have a micro blog coming on this over on my Instagram page realiTEE)

let’s be honest…there’s nothing worse than using the same white towel that you just used on your butt hole ( or that your s/o used on their ballsack ), on your face that’s just grim.It’s also going to put bacteria & nasty-ass germs all over your face undoing all the work you put into that skin care routine you just nailed.

You can use these with a makeup removal of your choice but personally I use reusable cotton pads or moon pads (these are incredible!) same concept just use and drop into the laundry basket. But more in these another time!

Reusable makeup removal

So now to the important part… where can you get your face cloths;

Face theory cloths

Face theory is a great option, I received my first face theory order a few weeks back and got these organic cotton cloths included. I don’t always rave about cotton however face theory do source cotton which satisfies the social and environmental criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard. Every step of the supply chain is monitored and certified to ensure that this material is organically farmed and the workers who harvest the cotton receive fair pay. Don’t be fooled when these arrive they’re not perfectly white and that’s what you want! These cloths are unbleached cotton to be kind to sensitive and delicate skin. They’re also gentle enough to be used on babies, your skin deserves this level of care!

They also have bamboo options available, Bamboo is a versatile and sustainable crop that requires a minimum of chemical processing and requires little to no pesticide. Its production has a minimal impact on the environment. At the end of its lifespan, it will decompose in an environmentally friendly manner. Eco-friendly and biodegradable bamboo is less abrasive than cotton, our bamboo face cloths are recommended for use with all skin types including dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

The other type of cloths I use are microfibre cloths which were given to me by a friend. These are super super soft but I’m not entirely sure how environmentally friendly they are and they are also bright white so I’m assuming they’ve been bleached.

Still better than single use plastics.

Organic fave cloths

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven’t already it’s encouraged you to invest in some kind for the planet and your skin face cloths!

All opinions in this post are my own and no products were gifted (from companies).

Let me know if you found this useful, leave a comment on my latest

– tee xo

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