The ultimate healthy morning beverage (+ all the reasons you need to give this a try!)

Okay I’ll admit when it comes to trying something healthy I’ll give anything a try once but when it turns out to also be super delicious I’ll bang on & on about it & pray it also brightens someone else’s mornings up. This iced mocha is no standard morning coffee! this one is also going to help your gut & skin. Everyone’s a winner!

Iced coffee

The fact I’m a health conscious human aside, I work out, take my vitamins, eat my greens etc.. But I also have a hell of a sweet tooth& a ‘treat yourself’ mentality. #balanced

But this small part of my current morning routine is next level both taste wise & health wise. Also it has been soooo nice and warm in the UK lately I’ve filled embraced the iced drinks!

LETS DISCUSS. First off it’s quick & easy & you can completely tailor it to your own taste. But I’m going to share how I make this beverage & why I use this exact cocktail of powders for a yummy & major health boost.

so for this magical beverage I’m talking about….. Iced mocha latte! Homemade of course and I’ll be honest I don’t think a store can match this but please feel free to correct me! Also side note, this isn’t my first beverage of the day, I never drink coffee first thing I start every morning with lemon & ginger tea along with a glass of water & a separate glass of water with my iced latte. All about that hydration!

Healthy gut coffee

Let’s break it down…


Let’s break it down…

So I start this ritual the night before when I make my coffee in our french press, give it a good stir and add in a stick of cinnamon. Once this has cooled at room temperature I move it into the fridge over night. I give this a stir every hour or so until I go to bed.

Post lemon & ginger tea & some morning stretches I remove the cinnamon sticks & press the coffee and poor into a tall glass about three quarters of the way up. I then start to add in the bevvy boosters… the fun part!

First off I start with half a tablespoon of The Glow Bar pearl glow powder & two teaspoons of Lucy Bees cocoa. To make sure this is mixed in 100% I use a frothed, it just makes life easy but you can also just stir in well. Technically I guess this is actually an iced mocha but if you don’t share my sweet tooth feel free to miss this part out. I then add in the ice and to top it off I use Biomel dairy free probiotic mylk, usually in coconut but if you’re feeling a little cheeky try this with the salted caramel almond mylk. Add a straw, give it a little mix & enjoy!

Perfectly whisked coffee

See I told you it was simple… now to break down why this exact recipe is good for your brain, skin, guy & your conscious!

Monmouth Coffee; so coffee has lots of benefits but let’s face it coffee tastes damn good & being honest I think my caffeine intolerance is pretty high these days but the smell, the taste, even the ritual of making the coffee has a positive influence on my mornings. Unlike some people my boyfriend & I didn’t really have chance to ‘prep’ for lockdown so we didn’t go out & buy a fancy coffee machine or stack up on coffee. Before lockdown I brought coffee direct from Grind in London, personally I love Grind. I love their coffee, their brand, and more importantly their espresso martinis. Grind coffee the whole range is certified organic by the Soil Association – which means no pesticides, chemicals or solvents, and the range, and all it’s packaging is entirely compostable. However once my boyfriend realised he was also going to be drinking homemade coffee each day he suggested he’s favourite London based coffee & Ive got to say they deliver! They have a great selection of coffee beans & their supply chain is legit. They don’t look for a good coffee and push the farmers for the best pricing, they have long term partnerships in mind when they look to work with farmers. It’s all about sustainable long term fair business. Try the Hipolito Uluri from Caranavi trust me it’s dark honey helps add to the sweetness of the cocoa without giving you toothache! Grind house blend is still great to & the hazelnut notes cut through to compliment the strong coffee aroma. Other U.K. independents I like to buy from; 200 degrees (if you know you know!)… bet you can’t guess the temperature they roast their beans at.

Cinnamon; I hope you didn’t think this was a step easily stepped over. There’s a very good reason I add cinnamon to my coffee while it brews whether you opt for cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon I strongly suggest you add this to your coffee. Not only does it elevate the taste but cinnamon has a long list of benefits of its own with my favourites being its anti inflammatory & loaded with antioxidants. The reason it’s key in coffee though is that cinnamon helps bring your blood sugar down while coffee brings it up. If that’s not balance I don’t know what is!

Pearl powder; it is exactly what it sounds like & like many other things I get obsessed with it’s been used for centuries dating all the way back to the Egyptians. It’s a legit ancient product that’s stood the test of time. Want to know why….

Increased elasticity and firmness for ageless radiant skin, Stimulates your body to produce new youthful skin cells, Regenerates collagen, Heals acne & blemishes, Prevents skin aging & deterioration, Prevents fine lines, wrinkles by firming and plumping skin, Reduces discoloration from sun damage, scars, freckles dark patches, & other discoloration, Tightens sagging skin through improved elasticity & it’s high in calcium- bonus if you don’t consume dairy!

I get mine from London’s own Glow Bar which is a wellness company focussed on helping woman around the world deal with stress including the physical effects of stress which is why they offer a range bs and remedies to help you glow! They have a great range of organic and well sourced products from pearl powder to matcha to reishi and a breakdown of the benefits of what they sell so you can really customise this step for what you’re looking.

Another reason I love the pearl powder, it makes the drink extra creamy but make sure you mix it all in, it can sink to the bottom.

Cocoa; it’s a massive misconception that I don’t like chocolate. I don’t like cheap milk chocolate it’s an insult to chocolate. What I do love is the rich taste of real cocoa & the smell OMG the smell! The fact it has so many natural benefits help make this cheeky option a guilt free health choice. I use the Lucy Bee option as I know it’s completely organic and naturally contains

  • Iron – contributing to normal cognitive function
  •  Phosphorous & protein – contribute to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Magnesium- contributes to a reduction of tiredness & fatigue
  • Zinc and copper – contribute to the normal function of the immune system

The final but no means last ingredient…. Biomel. It’s amazingly delicious dairy-free, GMO free, soya free, gluten free probiotic drink with billions of live active cultures and Vitamins B6, D and calcium to support digestive and immune health. Healthy guts are soooo important. There’s so much science behind the connection between the gut & the brain, seriously you should check it out! I’m not going to go into it here as it’s far too scientific but I would recommend reading genius foods. Back to Biomel they have four great flavours to conform depending on your mood from coconut, vanilla, salted caramel almond and dark chocolate.

OKAY- there you have it! Put on a little jazz music or just sit & read while you enjoy your healthy & SO DELICIOUS morning beverage!!

As always none of these products were sponsored this is just the exact recipe I use to kick start my mornings. All opinions are my own & benefits of ingredients was my own research.

Do you guys have any other potions or powders I need to be adding to this morning routine? I LOVE a hidden health hack 😉

– tee xo

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