Matcha benefits

Matcha matcha matcha. It’s a thing.

My cousin ordered matcha years ago in a coffee shop branching out and trying something new and when it turned green she was pretty repulsed.

On the other hand I tried this after reading about all its benefits and I actually like this, but it has to be made a specific way!

Coconut milk matcha

If it’s prepared right, let me tell you, it’s DAMN GOOD!

I try to reduce my caffeine where possible as it dehydrates you & my skin is dry enough I don’t need to add to the fire. So I started to have matcha in a morning. However pre lockdown days meant I was working early, working out, keeping up with my social calendar etc that I just kinda just needed coffee… I won’t lie I do LOVE coffee and after two weeks in Vietnam I’ve became a bit of a coffee connoisseur.

Fast forward ermmm 3 months and I’m taking life a lot slower in lockdown and really focusing on my health so we’re back on the matcha hype and I wanted to share with you guys exactly why I’m loving this green drink.

Homemade matcha

Firstly I actually love how green it is! I get up in a morning I have my lemon & ginger tea then I make my matcha to sit down and I read. The green actually makes me feel healthier that’s why I love it in my clear mug, makes me feel a little très chic (which is pretty much how I feel 24/7 at the moment )

So my mugs are light-weight, chic, fun, BPA free, easy to wash & look so cute! Appreciate that I was fully fortunate to get mine from the samples cupboard at work but if you are looking for some you can google the description ‘double walled coffee cups’ . Never going back to ceramic mugs EVER.

Anyway, back to matcha. So, like I said, you can catch me drinking it out of my chic little glass with a book in hand (currently reading Parisian chic but I just finished Rootbound which was the perfect lockdown book)

Morning routine

I love mine with coconut milk  HOWEVER I have now switched to oat milk at home as I’m drinking more and oat milk is much more sustainable especially in the UK (we grow loads of oats in the UK so the carbon footprint print is cut right back & oat milk uses a LOT LESS water to make than almond or coconut!) I sometimes add a little pearl powder and use  my little milk frother to make sure everything is mixed in well, maybe even a little squeeze of honey. Sometimes I use cold milk and pour over ice other times I heat the milk up, it just depends on my mood.

Right for the green magic; add 1 scoop of matcha into a little jug add a teaspoon of hot water and whisk until it is creamy (kind of like the dalgona coffees that are all the trend right now) then pour over the milk hot or cold.

Ice matcha

You can’t go wrong.

The Benefits of Matcha:

♡ rich in fiber & chlorophyll so basically all of the gut health.

♡ lowers cholesterol & blood sugar.

♡ boosts metabolism & burns calories great first thing.

♡ enhances mood & concentration again another morning necessity and no comedown like with coffee.

♡ it’s  packed full of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients and is a great source of calcium, protein and fibre. Heaps of amino acides, beta-carocene, vit.C, vit.E, iron, zinc, potassium… the list goes on and on and on and on.

Traddional matcha comes from Japan but I get mine from Bird & Blend who opt for a Japanese/Kenyan blend this way you still get the traditional Japanese ocean taste and bright emerald colour, but the antioxidant levels are significantly boosted.

Bird & Blend matcha

They also do a whole range of flavours which are so much fun to spice up your smoothie bowls (because smoothie bowls are another luxury I get to enjoy now I’m home). Peach cobbler is a personal favourite but my next order will definitely include charcoal.

Matcha smoothie bowl

You should also know my lemon & ginger tea also comes from Bird & blend you can find it here.

Hope you enjoyed this post, nothing here was sponsored and all opinions are my own.

Let me know if you have any questions on either my Instagram or in the comments below

Until next time, tee. xoxo

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