3 Easy Eye Care Hacks For Everyone

RealiTEE: I’ve had under-eye circles for a while now. I literally have spent my twenties looking like I need a nap. If we’re being honest- I am SO insecure about my dark circles. And like many insecurities I’m convinced its all people can see when they look at me, that & my lopsided smile. It’s just bugs me because I’ve tried soooo many different products & unfortunately these circles aren’t due to allergies, or due to the fact I don’t sleep enough (trust me, I’m good there especially at the moment), or due to some sort of vitamin deficiency…. I wish it were that easy!!! I can’t even blame my parents as these dark circles are not genetic. I saw a dermatologist a while back and after they asked me a few questions they believe these dark circles cam from my weight loss. I used to be just over 187 pounds, it took me less than two years to lose 4 and a half stone (I should clarify that I went down to 121 pounds but put weight back on as I didn’t look great that small it just didn’t suit me) what happened in the weight loss was I lost fat from my face, leaving my skin particularly around my eyes very thin.

Under eye problems

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest anyway, most dark circles appear from lack of sleep which effects the blood flow and the blood vessels under your eyes, In my case my blood vessels are visible 24/7.


1. Under Eye Massage

There are two ways to massage under your eyes. Firstly with a Gua Sha, your second option is with a face roller. Both are used in Chinese medicine and made from different healing stones (you can take your pick of which stone personally I have jade as it represents wisdom & I like to bring that into my life. The jade roller I have has a smaller side designed to target your eyes, here’s the thing with both options, it helps- but it doesn’t solve. As mentioned, I have extra thin skin under my eyes & the thinner the skin, the more you are going to see any blood vessels The idea with under-eye massage is to get that blood (and any extra fluids) AWAY from the area so it’s not just chilling making you look puffy cast member of the Walking Dead. I typically do a Gua Sha massage once my face is cleansed & toned in a morning. Always make sure you have serum on or oil. You want to make sure your tool of choice glides over the skin, you don’t want to be pulling at anything you’ll just damage more skin cells and open a can of skin worms (metaphorically speaking!)

Even if you don’t have one of these tools your hands are as good as anything else to get massaging the face. I’ve recently become obsessed with French beauty & thanks to ‘Ageless Beauty’ by Clémence Von Mueffling I discovered facial massage is a well kept secret of the French!

French Facial Massage

Benefits of using stone massing tools;

  • Stone wont absorb any products on your skin so you know your skin is getting all the goodness
  • Stays cold (always keep in a fridge!) the coldness is going to help reduces any puffiness and will also help close your pores up helping to seal in your serums and oils.
  • The coldness of the stone constricts the blood vessels which helps with the colour
Gua Sha & Jade roller

2. Eye Cream

I know that sounds painfully obvious but its about getting the right cream FOR YOU! No two of us are the same and neither are any two products. I’ve spent far too much money on eye creams that promised to resolve puffiness, bags, dark circles all THE CREAM YOU NEED… and guess what… most of them ended up dismissed at the back of my draw or passed on to friends that were willing to be their own guinea pig or just love a freebie.

Some creams work wonders for a month or so, I have yet to find a cream or eye gel that would swear down works wonders. This step is all about trial & error & knowing your own skin & problems.

What I can share with you is a few tips I’ve done that may be worth trying out;

  • Read the details of the ‘must use eye cream’ make sure it actually addresses your issues. My cousin has her own insecurities about her eyes but they are completely different from mine, she swears by caffeine eye creams & gels which is great but they just don’t work for me. I will say it best to start with people you know for advice as you can ask them what differences they really saw or look out for reviews that references the same concerns as you.
  • Lip balm. I know that sounds odd but as I said during this downtime I’ve spent a lot of time reading about french beauty & stalking A LOT of french beauty influencers & one post I came across described the short but effective skin routine of the blogger (I forget who this was no if I find it I will insert here). She mentioned all she uses on her eyes was Vaseline. She kept it that simple, so I decided to give this a try. Not with Vaseline but with Glossier Dot Balm (only use coconut or original for anything other than lips). The coconut one is great for multipurpose & I’ve been using a little bit under each eye nightly, not only is it great for the skin but it adds a shiny layer helping to reflect the light disguising the dark circles. It’s also great for irritating skin.
  • Sleeping in a cold eye mask. If you are the type of person that can sleep in an eye mask I recommend a gel one that you can keep in the fridge and put on while cold.
Eye creams

3. Only Ever Use Your Ring Finger

NEVER & I mean NEVER use any other finger apart from your ring finger to apply anything around your eyes. Your ring finger is the weakest finger and wont apply any additional or unnecessary pressure around your eyes. The eye area is delicate so you need to keep it as light and simple as possible. Just use your ring finger and pat around your eye. Don’t drag your skin or be too forceful, nice & gentle is all you need.

So as I was writing this a couple of extra tips came to mind that never fail;

  • Baking – Naturally I’m more of a baker than a makeup artist but when it comes to a night out & my dark circles baking is a must!!!Baking is basically apply a THICK LAYER of loose translucent powder to the area with a Beauty Blender, letting it sit, & then lightly dusting it off with a brush. WORKS LIKE A CHARM!
Baking the under eye
  • Eye Masks- we’ve all seen them & most likely used them Normally gel patches that are similar to a face mask but designed for your eyes. These are great for an instant fix however these wont last. I asked the dermatologist about this & she told me the ones I had been using at the time gave my skin a great collagen boost but wont last however I’m okay with the quick fix when it comes to a big event or you know that first coffee run post lockdown!
  • Do not get fillers! I’m no expert & I’d never claim to be however logically speaking you are adding something into your body that shouldn’t be there so your body needs to try & make room for it. I’m sure fillers look great the first few times but I’m convinced they will start to push your eyes up & make them look smaller. Big eyes are youthful & forever in style. Filler is expensive, invasive & wont last.
  • And if you have tried everything & still not winning you’ve always got a great paid of sunglasses & a good filter!
Big shades

So there you have it my 3 hacks to help tackle all eye problems with a couple of extras just because!

If you found this blog useful & want more hit like or leave a comment.

Until next time

-Tee xoxo

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