April Empties


April Empties

How have I not done a post on empties??? This is something I will definitely be doing monthly from now on. Unlike like a lot of people I don’t have shelf’s of endless products, I try & only keep in one of what I need at a time (sometimes I’ll do a big order & buy a couple of different ones but this is only to save on the carbon footprint). I’m not a fan of hoarding products & having many open products around. I like to use up what I have partly because there’s something satisfying about getting to the end of a product and also if I’m being honest I think mixing things up day to day doesn’t really give a product chance to shine, so how do I really know if I want to buy it again…

I do like try different & new products like a beauty guinea pig. But I don’t like to waste anything (unless it’s just not working for me then I generally offer it to a friend or my mom to test out, we’re all different after all & there have been a few products my friends have loved that I just don’t).

So my empties, these won’t be the same each month as some products last me a month some last two or more.

These are 3 products I’ve finished up this month, my opinion & it’s replacement.

Let’s dive into the empties that are dropping off my shelfie



♡ NAOBAY Illuminating Micellar Water

WHAT;First things first I have to be honest, this HAS been in my drawer for a while, I’m not actually sure when I got it maybe my birthday last year, I’d used it a few times to remove mascara & it did the trick. Honestly I only thought Micellar Water was to remove makeup. As I use Elemis cleansing balm to remove my makeup I only ever used this for mascara (I don’t like the balm on my lashes it feels too heavier).

Micellar water

However in lockdown I’ve become OBSESSED with french beauty tips & tricks. Without realising it I’ve always had a french attitude to makeup, that I woke up like this look that took an hour or so to get just right. Unlike the french I didn’t get well into skincare until my 20’s but I am here for it now!

Micellar water is all the rage in France. Seriously ALL the French girls use it. It’s so popular especially in Paris where it was invented because the water was too harsh to wash their faces and that’s exactly the  reason people love it so much is that it’s super gentle & doesn’t strip the skin. I’m so careful with what I use on my skin as it’s quite sensitive & will flare up or go patchy just to keep me on my toes,  so if you want to use something that won’t irritate your skin, this is your best bet.

HOW; It’s made of these small oil molecules that draws any & all badness out of the skin. Also it really attracts dirt, oil & makeup. We know oil based products are the best for removing makeup & certain oils fight other oils. Bonus points as there’s  no alcohol in it so you can use it around your eyes too AND you won’t be squinting for half the day. This is for the girl who wants super supple skin & who wants to avoid clogged pores.

USE; Okay so I’ve actually recently stopped washing my face in the mornings. I read an article by a french blogger (I forget who but I find it again I’ll link here) & she was saying she only washes her face in the mornings with Micellar water, & her logic made perfect sense. I go through my day wearing makeup running around, building up a sweat & exposed to pollution (even though at the time of writing pollution is low as we’re all in our homes on lockdown). Therefore your skin needs a really good clean on an evening hence the double cleanse. But the products you use on a evening before bed are all rich & great for your skin, why would you strip it completely of all the goodness it built up throughout the night. Simply use Micellar Water to unclog any pores and freshen up that glow. Then follow with the rest of your routine. RESULTS; This Naobay product was really good, left my face feeling fresh & never too tight. It’s easy to see how I emptied this in a month.

REPEAT; I wouldn’t not use this again, however in the French spirt I have brought CAUDALIE PARIS to try next month. French girls would be proud. Oui oui!

♡ First Aid Beauty (FAB) Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

Coconut skin glow

WHAT so I heard about this coconut water-infused, oil-free, multi-tasking complexion-enhancer that instantly brightens, moisturises and smoothes in one simple step, while blurring pores and imperfections. It actually sounds like the ultimate I woke up like this product. Based on the description how had I gone so long without this product!

HOW;This moisturiser has a few key ingredients I tend to seek out especially in a day time moisturiser. Coconut Water: Packed with electrolytes, & amino acids. Mineral cocktail of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium &, Iron  join forces to support skin health. Quinoa: A superfood, & one I love in my diet but hadn’t crossed to my shelfie until now. With  one of the highest levels of complete protein coming from a plant source, that helps protect, repair and fortify skin’s surface. & for that perfect glow this moisturiser contains Imperceptible Micro-Pearls: Light reflecting particles that amplify skin’s natural radiance and impart a beautifully luminous effect. I know, super delicious ingredients ). It leaves your skin with this dewy, Instagrammy, flawless glow.

USE; after you’ve prepped your skin in all the normal ways this is a great glowy moisturiser but let it set in a bit before adding your SPF or add your SPF into it.

REPEAT; What I love about FAB products is that they’re free from oil,   parabens, harsh chemicals and colourants ( also cruelty free- what up! ) I’m not using this exact product next month as for my dry skin I did feel like my skin would dry out throughout the day HOWEVER I have ordered FAB’s ultra repair which is especially designed for parched skin.

♡ Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Spray Perfume

Clean scents

WHAT; THIS IS THE BEST AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND UNTIL YOU TRY. Blood orange is one of my favourite scents in the world. In fact this is my third bottle & if I was to claim a signature scent this would be it. I just love blood orange in general flavour & scent.  This scent is light & effortless but also has a presence. It’s not some limp watered down scent- it holds its own but it’s chic & light.

 PLUS: the boys like it- my boyfriend always loves it when I wear this. When I experiment with other scents he always says ‘it’s not as nice as the orange one’ 

HOW: Okay here’s the thing you need to know about Pacifica, it’s clean! YES! We have clean beauty & now introducing clean scents. Proving that it’s completely possible to be ethically chic in all areas.

USE; This is my go-to vacation/travel scent. The bottle is tiny & perfect for the girl on the go.


Okay I know I said three but here’s my bonus; charcoal bamboo toothbrush. Technically not empty however this one has now reached the end of its life.

Bamboo toothbrush

WHAT; manual charcoal toothbrush. I got mine from Brushd. Brushd are a eco-friendly dental care brand with a complete range of products designed to cut back on  plastic pollution without any compromises.

HOW; planet-friendly this toothbrush is   made from bamboo – a strong, sustainable material with natural antibacterial properties. Their handles are completely biodegradable, so once you’re finished with it simply break off the bristles & pop the handle into a compost or food waste collection bin. I get the charcoal head as the infused activated charcoal helps keep your teeth whiter by removing bacteria, plaque, & tartar. I actually used this while traveling around Vietnam & my boyfriend mentioned a few times how white my teeth were looking. (Pro tip if you’re a coffee drinker like me always drink through a reusable straw! This prevents staining your teeth)

USE; just as you would an electric toothbrush but it doesn’t matter if you forget to charge it.

REPEAT; already got it out & ready to go! 

What are your current favourites? Leave below or on my Instagram

x, tee

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