4 At Home Spa Hacks You (& Your Skin) Need Right Now

I got off to a rocky start in lockdown & I’m slowly embracing this slower pace of life while it lasts. I’m really getting into taking my time & enjoying the processes more & what i have. I’ve always had an eye for the finer things in life as my dad would say. So when I can’t go out & do my favourite things I get creative & find ways to bring my favourite things to me & #spalife is one of those things!

As we all know right now the struggle is REAL! & I can’t just go to a spa & chill out for a few hours, get a rose quartz massage, maybe a pedicure & read in a peaceful zen room.

Fluffy towels, aromatherapy rooms are A LAUGHABLE, REAL LOL-ER I WISH/DREAM right now.

There are so many other things going on in the world right now #spalife isn’t going to be on the cards for a while.


In a world where staying at home is saving lives, I need to find a way to save my mental wellbeing & having a calm relaxing slightly indulgent home makes me want to stay there even longer.



Okay so we all know you can’t have #spalife without some mood lighting. Whether your budget is champagne on ice & a butler to pour it for you or beer & pizza from last night candles are a win win for everyone. It’s all about the ambiance & you can really get creative.

You can opt for lots of mini tea lights to create a lovely low glow all around the room, get some twinkle lights & use them to decorate or go for the one off giant candle. Mix & match is you like with lots of mini battery powered tea lights, these are perfect for that spa ambiance but completely child & pet friendly. No one will get burnt. See #spalife IS for everyone.

Personally I use a little tea light in my salt rock candle holder for extra calming benefits, the candles I LOVE are Helm London (again not sponsored just real love). These are luxury handmade, vegan eco friendly candles that don’t break the bank! The have a range of scents & have a signature sent of the month at a discounted rate which really helps that spa at home feeling. From tea lights to large candles to oils go check them our! My personal favourite for the ultimate spa feeling are the eucalyptus perfect for some alone time with a book. In the living room we usually have either Fresh Linen or the Sandalwood & black pepper to keep it a bit more masculine.

Spalife candles

Another range of candles I’m obsessed with are Purity Lab! A friend brought me one for my birthday last year & it was amazing!!!  I couldn’t find where to get anymore from but the holder was so nice that I kept it and used it for some Yankee Candles I got at Christmas (thanks mom!)

Foot care;

Like many of us fresh air is now a luxury beyond #spalife & in the UK the unusual nice April weather has meant those daily walks or runs are going MUCH longer! However after a 5 mile run (when my knee is able to run) or just a long walk my feet are killing me ( okay not as bad as my usual running around here there and everywhere but enough! ) so here’s what I like to do;

Take a big bowl (or run some hot water in your bath tub enough to cover your feet), pour hot water in it, & add Epsom salts.

Enter epsom salt…according to some research I did here’s why you need Epsom salt;  “studies have shown that magnesium and sulfate are both readily absorbed through the skin, making Epsom salt baths an easy and ideal way to enjoy the amazing health benefits. Magnesium is great because it plays  a number of roles in the body including regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes, and reduces inflammation (YES PLEASE!) helping muscle and nerve function and helping to prevent artery hardening. Sulfates help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and help ease migraine headaches.”

Epsom salt is great because  it’s A.) inexpensive B.) it’s been well known for hundreds of years for it’s healing proprieties C.) it has health benefits to soothe the mind/body/soul & relaxes the nervous system ( << which is SOOOOO needed right now with anxiety levels through the roof),

Currently I’m having a moment with Rituals Jing Bath Crystals, < not sponsored just realness! Rituals Jing range is designed for balance and inner peace. The range uses a combination of lavender & Sacred Wood to bring a calm & peaceful experience that improves the quality of your sleep to help you feel more refreshed & energised the next day! Everything you need for that at home #spalife

If you struggle (like me) with a lot of hard dead skin on your feet try mixing some Epsom salts with coconut oil after you’ve soaked your feet in warm water to really exfoliate.

Oil Up

So as someone with extremely dry & sensitive skin I’ve always been a fan of natural oils but oils are not for us dry & scaly folk.

Basic oils that may already be in your cupboards;

Coconut oil

Grape seed oil

Almond oil

Any of these oils are great just to massage into your skin, have anti inflammatory properties & smell great as well creating the perfect #spalife

Currently I’m using (& obsessed with) Marianella Rosewood & Litsea cubeba body oil & the smell is a whole new level. It’s instantly calming, indulgent & there’s something about it that reminds me of the first ever all natural sun cream I brought almost a decade ago so instantly transports me to Spain.

The Facial

Last but not least the facial!

I know this can seem like a lot of effort but if you have the time this is actually incredibly therapeutic. To me skin care is a form of meditation, it’s me time every morning before I run out the door coffee in hand the 5 minutes my daily skincare takes it calm & peaceful. At home facials & a must to show yourself some self love you’ve been meaning to do since self love entered our vocabulary back in 2016.

Don’t believe me try it for yourself & you’ll soon make #spalife part of your everyday life whether on lockdown or not.

Here’s what you need to get started;

  • Comfy clothes- just do you here, if you want to go all out then get yourself a fancy ass thick fluffy robe, if you want to chill in sweats that’s cool. Just nothing that’s tight to pull over your head, you don’t want to pull out your nice fresh face after.
  • Hair ties- pull it back, you don’t want any fly always stuck to your face.
  • Skincare products & tools (again do you, you know your skin & which products work best).
  • My How to have a spa worthy facial at home blog post
Home facial

Want to get real fancy, here are some cheeky little extras to make your home 24/7 #spalife.

  • Bubble bath & a cheeky drink (wine not!)
  • Treat yourself to fluffy towels & a extra fluffy robe.
  • Soap & hand cream. We all know the importance of washing our hands & the enjoyment you get when you go to a nice place that have good soap AND hand cream. Grab some matching bottles & keep them in your bathroom even your other half will appreciate this. (Side note when cleaning don’t forget to clean the pumps, no one likes crusty soap).
  • Feeling extra boujee throw some pebbles in your skin around the plug & add some eucalyptus to your shower head.
Spalife at home

How do you make #spalife real? Would love to know your tricks.

Love Tee xo

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