The Easy At Home Facial

Remember spas? & masseuses, those people with cold but magical soft & oily hands that worked wonders all over your body. I haven’t opened Treat Well in a month & although this time has shone light on all the little things in life I have to be grateful for I’m just going to come out & say it… I miss getting a facial!

Enter the easy at home facial!

My skin has not been it’s best self lately so taking some of this down time to work on some Korean tips & tricks thanks to Charlotte Cho & her ‘little book of skin care’ which I read on holiday this 6 step at home facial is a game changer, even my boyfriend is up to 5 out of the 6 steps!!!

Little book of skincare – Charlotte Cho

I know 6 may seem like a lot of effort but if you have the time this is actually incredibly therapeutic. To me skin care is a form of meditation, it’s me time every morning before I run out the door coffee in hand the 5 minutes my daily skincare takes it calm & peaceful. At home facials & a must to show yourself some self love you’ve been meaning to do since self love entered our vocabulary back in 2016.

The great thing is this works for EVERYONE because at home you have access to your most loved & trusted products that you can use to tackle exactly the problem areas YOU want to tackle.

Don’t believe me try it for yourself & you’ll soon make #spalife part of your everyday life whether on lockdown or not.

Here’s what you need to get started;

  • Comfy clothes- just do you here, if you want to go all out then get yourself a fancy ass thick fluffy robe, if you want to chill in sweats that’s cool. Just nothing that’s tight to pull over your head, you don’t want to pull out your nice fresh face after.
  • Hair ties- pull it back, you don’t want any fly always stuck to your face.
  • Skincare products & tools (again do you, you know your skin & which products work best).

Step 1;

Cleanse! Recently on holiday I read Charlotte Cho’s book ‘the little book of skin care; Korean beauty secrets’ This taught me the importance of the double cleanse!

Oil cleanse & water based cleanse. Again don’t freak at the idea of using oil! It’s great to remove any make up on your face & has the benefit of lubing up your face allowing you to rub in tiny circular motions to massage into the skin. ALWAYS move up NEVER pull the skin down. It just causes wrinkles.

Using; The ultimate oil cleanser is the Elemis Pro Collagen which smells like a spa in it’s own right & the miniature version is very affordable & available from ASOS or Look Fantastic.

Ultimate oil cleanser

Second half of the double cleanse… water based cleaner. Choose from either a foam or cream-based cleanser depending on your skin & what works for you. Creams are more gentle especially for dry/ dehydrated skin.

Step 2;

Exfoliate! You want your skin nice and clean which allows your exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells which cause the dullness to your face.

Using; Summer Fridays. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of this brand. Their R&R or overtime exfoliators are amazing & double as masks. Personally I’m having a moment with the Overtime on as it has apricot extract which is packed vitamins A, K and C, pumpkin exfoliates & hydrates for a brighter, more balanced complexion; natural & my favourite part of this mask the gentle apricot seed powder (unlike harsh synthetic abrasives or ‘scrubs’) sweeps away dead skin cells for seriously smooth results; oat kernel protein, a moisturising, anti-inflammatory ingredient, leaves everything velvety soft & soothed. All in all this , antioxidant filled acts as your skin’s bodyguard, fending off collagen-damaging free radicals for a youthful boost. As high-performing as it is irresistible chic.

At home glow

Step 3;

Tone! Okay I’ll be real here I’ve only just jumped on the toner hype but more so because I’d never found one I liked. The all seemed to dry my skin out or sting when I used them. It’s important to note that toners are need to help balance your skins PH levels. & if like me you’ve struggled to find one that works for you I’d recommend doing your research the right one is worth looking for.

Using; I’m hooked on Fresh Rose hydration toner. Honestly it only adds to my skins natural glow. No tightness after use or dry skin in sight.

Hydration toner

Step 4;

Treatment! Here’s where it gets fun & unique to you! Consider what you want to tackle & customise this step to you. This step is all about boosters & essence. All of these directly treat the issues you’re most concerned about so go ahead & use your favourite products here. You’re skin is all prepped to absorb them straight away.

Using; I mentioned previously that I’m trying Versed (new & exclusive to Cult Beauty). So far the firming serum is working a treat for me.

Step 5;

HA bet some of you never thought you’d hit a 5 step routine!!! My boyfriend certainly didn’t until I intro him to #spalife.

Nourish AKA Sheet Mask; so I went through a stage where I decided to cut sheet masks in an effort to reduce plastic waste. So if you want to do a sheet mask or soak a muslin cloth in some essence & place this over your face then wash & reuse great! Here’s why you should use a sheet mask; the sheet literally acts like a barrier between your skin & the air. The sheet will lock the essence in & your skin will absorb a lot more than just walking around.

Step 6;

Protect! Moisturisers (like cleansers) come in different forms. You’ve got gel, lotion, cream, emulsion or sleeping masks. Ideally you did this on an evening & you’re ready to lay your head on a silk pillow case (these don’t absorb any product from your skin unlike cotton). If so sleeping masks or a thick rich moisturiser that works for you is the best option here to seal in all the moisture. If you did this in the day SPF is extra important! You’ve removed a few layers of dead skin cells & opened up your pores to absorb all the goodness but that also leaves your skin more sensitive to UV rays so be careful.

If you want to go one step further here why not add on some more oil. You know by now I think oils are key but make sure you get pure/ certified organic oils. Not all oils are created equally.

Using; Biossance 100% squalane Oil. This is my no.1 luxurious facial (&body) oil. It honestly illuminates, firms, reduces appearance of lines as well as standardising the touch & appearance of your skin. Unlike other squalane oils this one is made using ethical & sustainably sourced sugarcane. One of natures best & reliable moisturising oils for your skin & the planet.


Want to add some extra indulgence???? Why not add a hair mask you’ll be glowing from head to toe in no time.

See that wasn’t too bad was it! What are your favourite skin products? Share below or over on my Instagram page reali_tee1

Love tee xo


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