10 Things to do in Lockdown for your mental health

Lockdown mental clarity

Hey Hey Hey! How’s everyone doing?

Another day in lockdown. Another day thinking: when will all of this end. Here’s the truth that is causing so much fear…none of us know.

It’s pretty easy to let lockdown get into your head. I know because I have and I’ve had a lot of internal battles about whether it’s even worth getting up. I started off okay but the last 5 days or so my mind has seriously been on the edge of spiralling.

But instead of getting down about it, I remind myself that 1. I am in control of my thoughts & actions. 2. If you want to come out of lockdown a better & more rounded person now is the time to change your life for the better.

I wanted to share with you all a few ideas to help you stay sane & maybe even turn your life around for the better in 2020.

1. Do a digital clean out

I spent 2 days doing a MASSIVE clean out & it felt sooooo good! Start with your inbox, it’s a good a place than any. I started with the emails from companies giving me excuses to spend money on items I clearly don’t need especially now I have less money coming in. Bye bye to every email claiming to have THE WFH dress…. See ya lounge wear you MUST have & bye bye to all emails around unnecessary accessories you can’t live without. I also noticed that these emails stressed me out, they creat FOMO. If I never see the emails I’m not stressing over things I don’t even need.  Unsubscribe immediately. Go through your email newsletters rigorously and unsubscribe from anything that no longer serves you.

Next, clean out your Instagram, now is a great time to do this as not many people are posting so people are more likely to pop up on your feed thank you’ve forgotten about & why you followed them in the first place. Purging the Instagram accounts you follow will take a couple of sessions as after a point Instagram block you from unfollowing any more accounts. You’ll find that your feed is a lot more tailored to who you are now & what you’re interested in. It’s also a good idea to only follow a handful of accounts for each category. Too much content is stressful & overwhelming. You never know where to turn. Finally, de-clutter your phone. Old photos and screenshots can go, along with apps you no longer use. And – you’re done. After a digital clean out, you will feel the same amount of euphoria from cleaning out your wardrobe. Trust me..

2. Listen to a Podcast a Day

Podcasts are here to stay people! Personally I LOVE a podcast, from wellness to ethical fashion to health & fitness.   There are some really powerful podcasts out there that can leave you feeling inspired to take on the world.  After a podcast that really speaks to you, your next big idea will become more prominent than ever.

It’s also a good idea to listen to short podcasts about things that aren’t your go to topics. I find this helps diversify your understanding of what’s going on in the world.

I don’t always talk about politics or global & national issues but I’m not tone deaf to what is going on. I like to observe the world & peoples reactions.

One podcast that has really opened my eyes is ‘On the Air’ shameless plug here as my cousin is actual the co-host but that aside these short podcasts are perfect for 5k runs & so eye opening when it comes to social housing.

Daily podcasts

3. Find gratitude in each day

With the world on pause, 2020 can feel like a bit of a write-off. Don’t let it come to that. Just because you’re not currently living your Instagrammable best life that doesn’t mean that there’s not joy in ever day. You are still more fortunate than you realise.

Make a list. Each morning, even if you only get 3 things down one day that’s 3 things to be grateful for. Try to not overlap too many things each day. Living with my boyfriend is one thing I’m grateful for every single day now more than ever but I always try & mix up my list. For example today I got up & went straight to the bakery to pick up our fresh loaf of bread & getting to smell fresh bread first thing is one thing I’m grateful for today, I know some people don’t have the luxury of going & getting freshly baked goods.

CGD Gratitude

4. Take stock of what you’ve got

Not only can you turn your life around, you can also help do the same for someone else. Unfortunately, we live in a throw away society. We follow trends and replace our belongings following an “out with the old, in with the new” mantra.

This is commercialisation at its best.

Now might be a great time to take stock of your belongings and more importantly, your buying habits. Whether your job has been cut or put on hold, this is an opportunity to strip back to the essentials and learn to live with less.

And remember, there will always be someone worse off than you. Take this chance to step up and help someone more in need. You’ll count your lucky stars soon enough.

5. Give what you can

If you do find yourself with extra time on your hands think how you can do something for people that are struggling. So many people are volunteering whether with the health care or in local communities it’s all amazing. Adversity really dories bring out the best in people & that shows. Personally I’ve been going & shopping for people that can’t get out & picking up prescriptions but even calling people that are living alone right now & just being there for a chat. Help people feel less alone is a big a help as any.

I also want to shout out everyone who is doing the 5k challenge & donating £5 to helping our hero’s it’s a fun & amazing movement.

6. Learn something new online

Now might not be the best time for your career, but that doesn’t have to stop you from learning a new skill. With all this time available, now is a great time to learn a new skill or hobby you’ve had on your mind for some time. From languages to new skills there are countless platforms out there that can help you learn something new without turning on your tv.

Two platforms I’ve been using is Duolingo (I took french classes last year & this has been great at helping me keep that fresh in my mind & continue to work at it). The second is Skillshare, this is a great platform with thousands of courses taught by various people. You can literally learn anything on there.

French Time

7. Rekindle an old friendship

Now might be as good a time as ever to rekindle an old friendship you thought was long gone.

In these uncertain times, we need to connect with others more than ever before. There’s no excuse not to pick up the phone or send that text.

Chances are, you’ll pick right back up from where you left off.

8. Read

So many people have a booklist as long as their arm that they never get round to reading until they go on holiday. Reading for me is an escape from boredom without fail & you can never read every book out there. There are some great book clubs online whether you want to follow along & get your book yourself or sign up to subscriptions where they send you a book. These are great as like with the podcasts they widen your knowledge & outlook on life as they may not be something you would have naturally have been drawn to. Last tip that I’m loving right now why not send a friend a book & swop. Waiting on a book in the post is more exciting & why not leave a cute little note in there to make your friends day.

Why not add in skin care to your self care while readying add a face mask! before you know it you’ll have glowy skin & boredom wont be an issue.

Skin Care & Self Care

9. Exercise

I’m not suggesting everyone uses this time to get ripped. We all have our own capabilities & limits. I also don’t think people should feel pressured to get fit in this time if they don’t normally exercise. You may do yourself more harm than good. However I do think that doing a little bit each day is really important not only physically but also mentally. Like I said my mind has been on the edge of spiralling recently and between running & stretching it’s great to get out of my own head for a little while, it feels like a breath of fresh air. Even that walk outside and getting some fresh air. Nature is something I really miss right now which surprised me as I’ve always been a city goer.

10. Stop worrying about the outcome

No matter which way you look at it, worrying will not change the outcome. These are uncertain times, for sure. But before you know it the world will be back to ‘normal’ and you will long for that free time. Normal after this pandemic will be a whole new normal for everyone but one thing that is really stuck in my head is something my boss said to me when I first started my job 18 months ago ‘when you jump on that hamster wheel & things don’t stop you’ll miss the slower times & wish you’d appreciated that time when you had it.’

Make the most of this chance to pause. 

Turn this into an opportunity. Learn something new. Work on yourself from a distance. Find a positive outlet. Enjoy the pause. Turn your life around for the better.

Again this is just about sharing with you my realiTEE right now & I hope even apart of this has given you a positive takeaway.

Let me know how you’re keeping busy & working on yourself in this time, & if you do find yourself struggling I’ve got plenty of time to talk….

Love Tee xo

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