What you need to know; Cruelty Free vs Vegan

HAPPY EASTER!! & it’s self care Sunday – my favourite day of the week!

Well the start of 2020 has certainly been a life changing one for all of us with the global pandemic that is Coronavirus 19, but there has also been shift in the beauty & fashion industry as more and more light is shown on the practices, especially the environmental impact of fashion weeks around the world.

I to help clear up some misconceptions today about two of the biggest buzz words around and what they ACTUALLY mean… vegan vs cruelty free

Cruelty free shelfie

First things first, despite popular belief these two are not actually mutually exclusive. You can have one without the other.

So now we’ve made it clear there is a difference lets get into what the differences are. 

Vegan; this is a lifestyle choice that goes far beyond what you eat. It’s about the products you incorporate into your everyday life. It’s actually relatively easy to eat a plant based diet now with so many restaurants introducing vegan menus but moving from your plate to your makeup bag & wardrobe is a different level. Vegan beauty & fashion products don’t contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients AT ALL! & when we say animal we mean any living breathing creatures. This goes far beyond just wool, leather & silk. No suede, no beeswax, no snail extract, that’s right I said snail extract. If you know your Korean beauty brands then you know they love the snail extract, its great for brightening the skin. I try and keep my beauty products as vegan as possible but there are a few things I use with beeswax in although these are not products I use on a daily basis.

When it comes to clothes & accessories the vegan lifestyle market is making great headway. Take vegan leather substitutes for example, not be confused with the 90’s obsession of pleather. Vegan leather is actually made in the same way as normal leather but inside of drying out cow skin they use fruit waste such as pineapple leaves. This has added sustainable benefits as it produces less waste & the farmers get more money for more product & more cows live to see another day. Win win really. 

I cant talk about vegan fashion & not mention Stella McCartney who’s vegan leather Falabella bag was the first vegan high fashion bag on the run way & she also designed the Adidas Ocean Waste trainer… both items can be found on my birthday wish list this year.

Vegan haircare

Great vegan beauty brands;

Summer Fridays; okay so they have a limited range but what they do they do soooo well! There aren’t many products I use over & over again and for long periods of time but Jet Lag I’ve used for over a year now none stop. Designed to rehydrate skin while on long flights it’s also my go to after a few too many G&T’s.

Drunk Elephant; completely vegan range. This brand is the definition of clean beauty! Besides the lack of animal in these products you also wont find toxins and the ‘Suspicious 6’ (essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical screens, fragrance/dyes and SLS). My recommendation is their anti pollution drops, I’d had my eye on these for a while but when I was heading to Vietnam & learnt about the pollution levels I know my skin needed an extra layer. I’m still using this product now back in the UK. Perfect for protecting my skin on runs near the main roads & round the city while adding a healthy glow to my skin.

Milk Makeup; despite its dairy based name this is a vegan brand with a range in skin care & makeup. I’ve only used their watermelon brightening serum which did everything a girl could ask for. I also have a number of friends that rave about this brand.

Versed; So I can’t actually vouch for the results of Versed’s products my first products are in the post so stay turned but here’s a few reasons this brand caught my attention. Shelfie-worthy, no-fuss, low-waste packaging and that’s just a few points. Versed are a brand that is built around game-changing skin saviours, boasting a host of results-driven hero ingredients. Results to be confirmed…

Biossance; where most people are drawn to the pretty packaging of their skin care I love a brand backed by scientific research with a commitment to sustainable practices. From their vegan and cruelty-free status to the ethically and sustainably sourced squalane in every product. This brands values are visible with every product & they’re simple packaging is also educational. I’ve been using the squalane oil a couple of times a week & the fresh glow on my face is noticeable.

Cruelty free; there is a common misconception that if a product is vegan then it’s cruelty free. Let me put this another way; you don’t need to have hamster in your lipstick for a hamster to be wearing lipstick. Get it? Cruelty free relates to how the products have been tested for human use not what’s in them! In the EU it’s actually illegal to test on animals compared to China where it’s a regulation that all products sold must be tested on animals. As a rule of thumb if it’s available to buy in China it’s not hitting my shelfie. I know what you’re thinking, surely everything in the EU is cruelty free so that’s easy right? WRONG! This goes back to the lifecycle of a product. A company may claim to be cruelty free but if they source products outside of the EU then that supplier may have tested on animals before agreeing to sell. Companies now are taking a more in depth approach to their supply chains & official bodies such as PETA & the leaping bunny are credentials you want to see on packaging as this shows the whole supply chain has been deemed cruelty free not just the final production.

Top Cruelty free brands;

The Ordinary; one of the nation’s favourite skincare brands, this simple, to the point, quality products at a reasonable price. I’ve used a few of their products with mixed results but I recognise a good brand when I see one & just because their products don’t work for me they work for A LOT of others. More importantly they treat animals with respect.

The Inkey List; similar to The Ordinary The Inkey List are all about simplicity, minimal packaging & cruelty free products on a budget. I use more of The Inkey List than The Ordinary & recently invested in their Oat Face Wash which I’m loving (& so is my boyfriend who’s now reached the part in our relationship where he likes to experiment with the range of products I keep in our bathroom).

Fresh; almost as old as I am Fresh started as a apothecary store curating upscale, natural beauty products from around the world in 1991. Now a staple on most bloggers shelfies. One thing I love is their desire to mixing good-to-skin ingredients with centuries-old cultural beauty rituals. This brand appeared so quickly all over my Instagram feed that I naturally avoided them for a while. Recently while in the market for a hydrating toner Fresh Rose Facial Toner came up on every list I read… & now I know why.

Cruelty free skincare

Glossier; one of my all time favourite brands. Glossier are all about skin first makeup second. Pure essentials that help your skin be the best it can be. Key to their success; Glossier listen to their community, design for their community & have amazing customer service in & out of the stores. I haven’t had a bad experience with any of their products. If you want to know where to start check out their range of Dot Balm. I keep the coconut flavour in my bag wherever I go, its not only great for dry lips but for dry skin in general.

Lush; Oh Lush, the ultimate self care shop in the UK. From bath bombs, to soap, hair products & now perfume. Lush is not only CF but has a great sustainable element to reduce waste, you can buy by weight, wrap bath bombs in stylish scarves & return old packaging for free gifts.

Clean beauty

I hope you found this helpful, leave a comment & let me know. Would love to hear about your favourite CF & vegan products.

What do I need to try next?

Love Tee- xo

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