Secondhand Look Book, How to Pack & Style.

Hey how’s everyone doing in lockdown? I hope you’re staying positive!

So although we are all securely looked down right now I thought I’d share with you some summer outfit inspo for you to save for when we’re allowed back out and share with you some of my favourite outfits from my most recent trip.

The biggest challenge when packing for this trip (besides the face I only had half a case as my boyfriend had the other half) was the fact that this year I’m not buying anything brand new. So I emptied my wardrobe saved what I could & went second shopping for the rest.

Firstly I want to shout out the blue dress above ^^^ I’ve been in love with this dress for soooo long. It was on my Pinterest Dream Wardrobe Board for almost a year before I found it on Depop. I wasn’t even looking for it, I was bored and scrolling (old habits and all that). My search was for White Fox Boutique, an Australian fast fashion brand that does have some very cute things. Ethically I would never buy direct, firstly I’m not buying anything brand new & I don’t like to buy anything that needs shipping over seas just for me. There’s enough already here I don’t need things bring from overseas. HOWEVER if it’s already here in the UK & up for sale I’m going to take advantage.

I’m sooo glad I did this beauty was hung in my wardrobe for 3 months before I got to wear it!

Day time looks

Day time essentials;

* one thing I never travel without are my trusty Levi shorts! Always in style & seriously under worn in the UK so the moment I’m in a hot climate this boys are out! They work with all tops even just bikini. I e had these for about 3 years and my friend had owned them a year before sh3 gave them to me.

* floral dress another little Depop find! This from a brand I’m obsessed with is For Love & Lemons & this (or any little floral number) is great for walking around colourful cities. Lightweight and airy I avoided all sweat patches WIN! The perfect accessory to this baby, coconut coffee. But when is coffee not the perfect daytime accessory?

* crop top & midi skirts! This is my perfect day time out for wondering around. Works perfectly with chunky trainers for comfort while racking up your step out and is lose & breezy. Okay I lied it’s not a crop it’s a white T I got from ASOS two years ago with some cute little embroidery tucked into my bra. If you’ve followed my Instagram for a while you’ll have seen this skirt restyled countless times. One of my favourite pieces & it was a gift from years ago.

Evening looks

When packing with limited space I like to ensure that I have day time looks that will easily blend into stylish evening looks for days when we’re out exploring & don’t head back to change. Usually because we got distracted in a bar or hungry on the move.

* maxi skirts I like maxi skirts with side slits as high as my standards…the dark blue & white beach vibe skirt in the bottom right hand corner I brought off a friend years ago after she didn’t get chance to send it back. The top left is a stunning orange wrap option that caught my eye in a charity shop in London. I’m so glad i found this poke a dot number. I’m a monochrome girl at heart & Vietnam was such a colour & vibrant country to visit that this skirt fit in perfectly everywhere we went.

Lace dress

I have a HUGE soft spot for lace, I so wanted a to have a custom made lace skirt when I visited Hoi An unfortunately they didn’t specialise in lace. Fortunately I had packed this little number that was already in my wardrobe, a previous Zara buy that I had only worn once. In March this got two wears, once at a baby shower styled with black tights and boots and once in Vietnam styled with trainers.

So there you have it my sustainable holiday look book.

If you want to know more about the trip I’ve broken it down on the blog, you can start with part 1

Leave a review below & tell me what you think of this post.

Until next time,

Love Tee xo


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