3 easy hacks you NEED to save your wardrobe.

Almost two months into my no new year & I’ve been experimenting with ways to help keep my wardrobe looking it’s best.

Classic jeans & shirt

As a child I LOVED all my clothes and I needed everything I owned. Honestly I threw away nothing, I would even hang on to items I’d grown out of in hope I’d shrink back. Part of this was because I knew even at a young age my parents didn’t have a lot of money & I seemed to have been born with expensive taste and partly because everything I owned was fun & helped transform me into someone new each day!

I was not your girl to be playing make pretend chef, running a cash counter or looking after baby Annabelle. Nope I was moon walking into my moms bedroom with nothing but one glove MJ style! Catch me in dungarees I was clearly feeling like a cowboy and if I was wearing red and yellow I was Batmans sidekick Robbin! I even rescued an old curtain from landfill to transform myself into my then hero Pocahontas.

My point is that as a child I loved everything & didn’t care if you’d seen me in it 3 times that week it was making ANOTHER appearance. I once got so sad about a hole in a T-shirt that my Nan taught me to sew. You couldn’t stop me after that every tea towel in the draws with a hole in I was on to! It was my personal mission for one summer to unsure nothing had a hole or the slightest ripped seem. Pros I can now save many of my own items of clothing. My Nan then moved on to trying to teach me how to knit, I just couldn’t get it and neither of us had the patience for me to try. Knitting was a lost cause on me but sewing is something I’ll never forget.

Now when I tell you I can sew I don’t mean with a machine (although I have tried a few times to make my own dresses I no longer own one nor remember how to set one up)! Unfortunately the only skills I’m willing to add to my LinkedIn profile is hand stitching buttons back on, fixing seems the occasional added logo to a plain white T & always while watching back to back episodes of sex & the city.

Hand stitched buttons

ACTUAL dress making takes time & patience, if you are fortunate enough to posses both of these luxuries then please embrace yourself in this lost art & let me know so we can design a few things together!

Back in land of no machines there are still a few life changing hacks you can do to save and prolong the life that small percentage of your wardrobe you actually love dearly.

  1. The bobbly jumper; as a UK citizen jumpers are a staple in our wardrobes all year round. So when these pesky bobbles start to appear simply shave! Yes I said shave. Take a razor not the one you’ve just used and none of these with the gel/ aloe around them because that will ruin your jumper. A fresh standard blade and very very gently shave the bobbles off.
  2. The too stiff zip; this is one of the greatest hacks I have ever learnt because it extends from jeans to skirts to jackets to bags! When you find the zip starting to stick take a pencil from your desk draw and rub it up & down the metal teeth. The graphite becomes lube and you’re no longer flying low hoping no one will notice.
  3. Keep suede in good condition; my boyfriend has some ETQ trainers. They are beautiful and they are suede! He finally decided to wear them on a night out with friends last year and said to me as we headed out the door ‘how long before someone steps on my feet!’ That someone turned out to be me and yes I left a mark. I feel awful (and not just because I tried to make him do a tequila shot which I know he HATES!) I manga get to make it even worse when we got back thinking micella water would get it out. It did not and the stain got WORSE! Finally we sobered up and he googled finding a cheap and easy answer, an eraser! Yes there is a suede eraser available online delivered next day at a very reasonable price. One of the greatest inventions EVER!
Material eraser must have

And my last tip for good luck… clean your washing machine. To me any device that is intended to clean should also clean its self but unfortunately this is not the case. Anything hanging around in your washing machine is likely to alter your wash or attach itself to your clean washing.

What’s your hack to making clothes last longer let me know so I can try it out.

-Tee x

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