What is fast fashion, & what you can do about it

Going into 2020 I really thought long & hard about my intentions and what I wanted to achieve in the next 12 months and how that contributed to getting me closer to the person I want to be. I wanted to make commitments that were realistic for me, SMART goals (if you don’t know about SMART goals check out my fitness goals for 2020 where I really break this down).

A massive area for me is consumerism, and using my money to vote. I probably don’t know as much about politics as I should but I do know & love the fashion industry.

Here’s what I love about fashion, it’s a freedom to express yourself, experiment, mix match, diverse into other cultures and you can’t get it wrong. There is no wrong way to do fashion, you’ll never have everyone love your outfit but as long as you do who cares. There’s a endorphin hit the moment you put something on and it just works. The colour compliments your skin tone, the shape flows with your body and all of a sudden you’re bursting with happiness & joy.

Even when you look back at the loudest & craziest choices later in life you’ll always laugh & smile. This was one of my outfit highlights of 2019;


Things I hate about fashion;


Hands up I’ll admit I’m guilty as charged, I’ve ordered just because, I’ve ordered clothes & not sent them back, I’ve ordered clothes because they looked great on a 5ft Asian woman with dark hair on Instagram < I’m 5’7 pale skinned with blonde hair, we’re chalk & cheese, what works for others doesn’t always work for you!

My point is fast fashion is such a society norm and a way of life it’s like the matrix, we don’t know any better until we start to look.

So with the intention to take my blog down a more sustainable & ethical road this year (I make no promises to be perfect I’m just a girl, living in a city trying to do her bit for humanity)

What is fast fashion;

You may or may not have heard the term fast fashion although it’s coming up more & more in the news which is great to shine a light on it.

Fast fashion is ‘fast’ in every part of the lifecycle: production is fast; customer’s decision to purchase is fast; delivery is fast (we’ve all ordered at 10:59pm for next day delivery); and the products live fast and die hard, and that’s if you’ve worn it more than once. It is a model that is entirely unsustainable.

True cost of fast fashion

Clothes don’t disappear once you put the in the bin & they don’t belong in the bin.

The reality is fast fashion companies use a mixture of cheap man made materials — that’s why the clothes are so cheap! £2 tees and BOGO sales: Great for the wallet, yes, but the problem with these man made materials is there’s no way for them to break down once in landfill, so they just sit there for centuries. This is the negative impact fast fashion is having on the environment.

FACT: clothing waste that cannot break down accounts for 20% of our water pollution.

How to spot a fast fashion brand:

Fast fashion brands typically always have some sort of sale on, offer a variety of styles- something for everyone. Usually so on trend & fresh in your mind you don’t think twice about how you’re wearing a slogan tee 48 hours after the slogan was said live on TV. Materials used are generally made of cheap, low-quality materials with a poor finish; & you’re probably getting emails and texts daily about their latest stock or new line that’s just been released.

We used to look forward to the new fashion releases twice a year at fashion weeks, now these companies bring out something new weekly.

Use your money to vote

We all take elections very seriously but we are voting every time we spend money. We are telling large companies what we want and how quickly we want it.

There are a few fun alternatives to mix up your wardrobe if you absolutely need to buy something.

First a personal favourite of mine, Depop. The beauty of Depop is you can earn cash for anything you may have lying around not being used to it’s potential. On Depop you can buy & sell your pre loved clothes & accessories. So your current wardrobe could pay for a new one.

Depop purchase

Another option is inspired by the fabulous Marie Kondo: Vow to buy less. I’m not telling you to go full-blown minimalistic, if you want to give it a go that’s amazing, however we’re human. What does happen when you buy less is it brings out your creative side, you get creative funding different ways to wear, style & accessories with what you’ve already got! (Oh and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, win-win). The below skirt I had as a gift back in 2016, it’s still in great condition works with everything & is a must have on holiday.

Good quality red skirt

Spend your money on items based on longevity. Generally the items you’re buying from fast fashion companies don’t last, they’re not designed to. They want you to go back next week and buy more or they’re so now that they’ll be out fashion anyway. If you buy stylish pieces made from good quality materials you’re investing in your wardrobe & yourself. I think we could all do more of that! There are lots of materials out there it can be scary, so if you’re not sure what to look for, here’s a few pointers: linen, silk, hemp, and wool are considered low-impact textiles. Also, you may have seen vegan leather alternatives taking over the scene more & more. Thanks Dr Matens!

Vegan leather Chelsea boots

My bonus tip is sharing is caring, & by that I mean borrow lend & swop clothes. Over &over again, we all love a #whoworeitbetter my cousin once brought a stunning dress for NYEs in NY which has done the rounds, it looks great on everyone!


Are you a die hard trendy fashionista or do you love a pre loved?

Let me know

-Tee xx


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