Don’t sweat it!

Welcome to my beauTEE page.

Disclaimer: I’m not the best female when it comes to all things makeup and contouring. In fact, I rely heavily on my friends for makeup referrals… But that is not what this page is about. 

This page will be testing the best and possibly some of the not-so-good products on the market, so us glow-getters can focus on reaching our goals of healthy radiating skin.

I’m here to be your everyday guinea pig on the skin care products that claim miracles and how to beat the post work sweat on the go.

For someone who does numerous amounts of activities throughout the day, it’s hard to maintain a good skin routine. So, I’m challenging myself to find some of the best, vegan, cruelty free, simplified routines out there. 

One of my first posts on here was regarding skin routines and what you ‘should’ do and yes, I agree there are a lot of steps but they are all important! 

So, with the intention of putting together a new routine I needed to consider the biggest factors that effect my skin:

•             Dryness

•             Pollution

•             Sweat.


Pollution I’ve got covered with my ‘kale fix’ serum from Nip ‘n’ Fab, which helps protect against radical damage. I mix a couple of drops in with my sunscreen every day and I’m good to go. 

I also use Nivea Night time urban detox moisturiser. Dry skin is such an issue for me and results in me having to use a mixture of oils on my face day and night. Rose-hip oil being one of my top three, it smells so nice and is known to help against fine lines in the skin. I must say I wasn’t convinced by this fact originally and after using rosehip oil for around three months now the area around my eyes and my forehead do seem firmer.


Here’s where my biggest issue lies. There are many people sat around the world in steam rooms, saunas and hot baths right now, all of which have long been used to purify skin. So if sweat is good for the skin, why do I get spots after workouts? I don’t think most of us realise the importance of washing off the sweat once we’ve finished our workouts and how bad the bacteria build up is for our pores.

Honestly, how soon after a workout do you shower off? Let’s be honest here, if like me you have a standard gym membership the showers aren’t anything special and most of us would much prefer to go home and use an array of our own products and in the comfort of our own homes.

Help yourself:

It’s a sin but so many of us do it on a regular basis, not taking off your makeup before a workout. Yes you’re in the gym to look good but you don’t need to look good while you’re there. If you don’t wash your face before working up a sweat, that bacteria is going to mix with the dead skin on your face. This goes for sleeping in your makeup as well.

DO NOT LEAVE THE GYM (or sit down at home). Finished your workout? Great, now wash your face! Yes, before you even leave the gym or sit down with a cup of tea post-run. Do you really want that cocktail of dirt, pollution, oils and bodily fluids mixing together and sitting in your pores? GROSS! I’ve started to keep Nip ‘n’ Fab Glycolic fix gentle pads in my car to keep with me if I am going to head home for a shower. 

Don’t forget to take it to the tits. It’s not just your face that’s getting clogged up don’t forget your boobs, including underneath.

TEE’s tip: post workout shower, pat don’t dry. Drying yourself off can be irritating for your skin, pat your skin down but not 100%. One thing I’ve learned is that if you get about 90% dry and then air dry it helps reduce that tight feeling in your muscles. I did some searching online and quite a few people have said the same thing.


So in order to find a new routine that would leave my skin glowing and not from sweat, I took to my favourite of all social media platforms and started hunting down all the fitness influencers with beautiful skin. I was surprised that so many of them had little to no skin routine, although impressed that most did credit water and sleep as contributions to their dewy looks. However, one in particular (@nicolafituk) did mention a brand she uses called Fre Skin care and after some digging on their website I found they are specialists in skin care for women that work up a sweat and on top of that they are 100% vegan. WIN, WIN!


So to start off my challenge, I’ve ordered the 123FRE starter kit. This kit comes in an adorable travel bag, ready to take everywhere you go. Making it easy for me to take my routine on the go.


It’s built up of:

•             Protect Me- ultra light moisturiser with SPF 30.

•             Purify Me- hydrating facial cleanser.

•             Revive Me- deep replenishing serum


I’ll be trialling these products over the next 30 days and keeping you all up to date with how my skin gets on. This post is not gifted, it was a simple recommendation that I’m putting to the test of sweat.


What’s your number one sweaty beauTEE secret?




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