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Happy Sunday everyone! 

How are you spending your day? Are you seeing your family, having a ‘me’ day or just binging on Netflix? 

Whatever way you choose to wind down on the weekend is completely up to you, but how concerned are you with staying active?

When I first thought about starting this blog I really considered what I wanted to write about and what I was most passionate about. Anyone that knows me personally, knows how important I consider health and fitness to be. However, I am after all your everyday everything girl, I have a lot of stuff to do and I don’t spend two hours a day weight training to create the types of fitness blogs I see today. 

I’m also pretty sure that if you are interested in fitness then you already follow hundreds of fitness accounts on Instagram that post workouts, food diaries and flash their abs in super cool gym wear. However, that’s not me.

What I am passionate about is keeping active, please note that this DOES NOT MEAN BUSY! I mean keep moving, getting in that 10k step count and getting creative with how you do it. If you follow my Instagram you know I run regularly, train and love to stretch it out to yoga videos in my living room. My favourite activity of all time though is being outside!

Honestly there’s so much to gain from fresh air and having the sunshine on your face. Not only do we need that vitamin D but there are so many studies that emphasise the importance and overwhelming power of being out doors. Whether that’s a family walk in the park, along the canal or doing bit of gardening. There’s no excuse, even us city folks should be getting out on lunch breaks, even if you have to take the conference call on the go!

Not convinced? Did you know spending time outside is known to help:

  • De-stress the mind and therefore help the body. You know your shoulders are meant to live under your ears right?
  • Eliminate fatigue. Everyone has experienced that over powering need for a nap post lunch right? Ever experienced it after going for a walk? Didn’t think so!
  • Boosts your immune system. I’ve seriously being suffering with some bizarre cold/hayfever symptoms lately, which has resulted in me sitting at my desk sniffling and wiping my nose on the harshest tissue known to man (probably because I didn’t go out at lunch to by some nice soft ones). However, when I went running last week, although the start of the run was hard work it actually got easier and my breathing got easier despite how blocked up I was.
  • Increased focus and creativity….. I think we can ALL benefit from that, am I right?


Yes we all love a day inside hibernating from the rain and wind, sitting in front of the TV but with that said, anyone who truly knows me knows that after about two weeks of wet miserable weather I’m the last person you want on a night out with. Honestly I will be so grumpy and sad, my mood can rely a little too much on the weather and in the UK that’s not a great trait to have. Good job all these active hobbies I have are helping me to release these positive hormones – right?!

Here are my below tips for getting active in fun ways:

  • Got a FitBit? Do your friends? Even if you don’t have the most up to date wearable technology our phones all count steps every day, why not set yourself a challenge and get your friends and family involved. Who can walk the furthest in a day? Who does the most steps in one day over the course of a week. Can you combine your steps to walk all the way to Ibiza? From Birmingham that’s 1399 miles and on average it takes 2000 steps to walk a mile so you only need to rack up 2,798,000 steps. You up for the challenge?
  • Lunch on the go? I know there’s a lot to be said about sitting down to enjoy a meal but why not grab your office BFF head out of the office and go for lunch, even if you pick something up and walk around the office block a few times you’d be surprised at how quickly the steps add up.
  • One thing I try and stick to at work is whenever my phone rings I get up and answer it while walking around as much as possible. Although this can be annoying when the person you’re on the phone to says, “I’ll just send you this email to look at…”
  • Make it fun… the same thing day in day out on your own will get boring eventually. Mix it up, keep it interesting and rope a friend in with you to help keep each other accountable.
  • Reward yourself. No not with a slap of chocolate cake although I do love a protein cookie post workout. Did you manage to walk to Ibiza, congrats you now deserve a nice pair of new shoes, tired from a long day of calls walking around on all those calls? Sit down and enjoy that new book.

How do you stay active in your day to day lives? What’s your favourite activity?

Share below, I’ll start I actually love dancing in the bathroom while brushing my teeth.





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